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Thermomix Tips CleaningWell there are so many ways to clean your Thermomix. Whether you have a TM31, TM5 or a TM6 you still need to give it a good clean every now and then, especially if you use it continuously. I thought that I would tell you what I do and give you the links to all the other fabulous ways people clean their thermomixes.

To be really honest. I mostly clean the Thermomix with the wonderful green brush that you can receive  (purchase) from your consultant on purchase of your Thermomix. If you don’t have one, go online to the Thermomix Website and purchase one, you won’t regret it, or, find your consultant and grab one off them. You probably need a new one every year!

Thermi Number 3 my TM6

I also have a small brush that gets under the blade. I bought it at a cake shop as it is meant to clean out the tips of piping nozzles, but you could use any small brush. I do find that the Thermomix brush is pretty good for most things especially if you have done a self clean**


Thermi Number 2

You could also dismantle the Thermomix and put it in the dishwasher but everything plastic goes in the top as well as the blades and the large bowl going on the bottom tray.

**SELF CLEAN – Fill the thermomix with about 1 litre of water immediately after you have removed the food from the mixing bowl. For the TM5 and TM6 Press the turbo icon and then turn the dial at 1 second and repeat 3 times, or TM 31 Hold down the Turbo button for 1 second x 3 in the TM31

Obviously to update this, the TM6 has its own cleaning function now but I still do find that it needs a deep clean every now and again when the bowls have been used a lot

I like a good vinegar wash (thank Thermobex for this) especially before I’m making yogurt or a meringue.
Place 300ml white vinegar and 300ml water into the mixing bowl and clean 6 minutes/60°/speed 6.
I do the above self clean with vinegar and then pull everything apart and clean under the blade with my little brush, using vinegar and water.

The Mixing Bowl is high quality stainless steel so you can use a good quality scrubber on the Thermomix and it will not damage the bowl. My choice is a Norwex Sprisponge and their Cleaning Paste for any stubborn stains, which doesn’t happen very often. Maybe when I am converting recipes and cook something for too long or too hot!


Thermi Number 1 – TM31

But I find the best way to get my Thermomix clean is to put in about a dozen egg shells (if you dry them in the oven they seem to be a bit courser) and mill them for 10 seconds/speed 9. They turn into shell grit for my chickens. I then wash out the bowl with hot water and vinegar and it looks brand new!

Below are a list of all the fabulous ways that people have come up with to clean their Thermi’s

KIDSPOT shows you how they use a few steps to clean their Thermomix.

ThermoFun’s Favourite way of cleaning the Thermomix bowl is to do a Lemon wash find it here at Thermofun’s Lemon Wash

Super Kitchen Machine loves the good old soap and water and bit of elbow grease  Super Kitchen Machine – Soap and Water   and even sells super scrubs to help with the cleaning of your Thermi.  Super Kitchen Machine – Best Pot Scrubber

Dani Valant Recommends a vinegar clean.

“Clean the TM bowl, blade and the Butterfly scrupulously then put the Butterfly in place. Give the TM a spring-clean by pouring 1 litre of water and 30 grams of vinegar into the TM bowl. Heat for 10 minutes/Varoma/speed 4. Dry everything with a clean tea towel”

When I have made a curry and my thermi smells a bit, I always just give it a bit of a wipe out with vinegar.

QUIRKY has a little tip for cleaning out your bowl, on her Facebook page.

Now TURMERIC, it is pervasive little bugger and turns the nice grey plastic green. The best way to help with this is to oil your lid/basket/butterfly before use, BUT it still will turn a bit green. Clean with vinegar and bi-carb, rinse with water and place in the sun, it will fade with time, but the next time you use turmeric you will have to do it all over again! It doesn’t affect the taste of anything else, so I just leave mine. However I am a Thermomix Consultant, and I am fortunate enough to have a second bowl and blade set, so I try to keep one set for turmeric dish and use the unaffected set for demonstrations.

How do you clean your thermomix? Have I missed any of your favourite ways?

Thanks so much for reading. Happy Cooking!


Liz xx

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