Mayonnaise Thermomix Recipe

For me, Thermomix mayonnaise is just one of those things I whip up all the time in the Thermomix. The problem that most people have with it is that it splits or is too runny. I have a fool proof method and recipe (in the link) so this never happens.

Mayonnaise is an emulsion of oil and egg… emulsions are generally ingredients that you have to beat together to stay together… they are mixed, but do not dissolve into one another. They don’t normally like to stay together so you have to beat them into submission LOL! The key to any emulsion especially with egg is to add small amounts at a time. 

The oil you use is very important, as you want an oil that is essentially tasteless. I recommend using a Light Olive Oil (light in taste not calories of course) or any cold pressed oil that you don’t mind the flavour of.  Many people like macadamia or avocado oil, but I’m not really a fan. If you want to same consistency of most mayonnaise that you buy in the shops, you will need to use canola or vegetable oil. Unfortunately those oils are not really great for you body. (I will be doing a Foodie Friday post about oil, later). My recommendation are either cold pressed Sunflower Seed Oil, or the Light Olive Oil pictured below.

This recipe is very flexible and is the basis for lots of our mayonnaise based sauces like Cesear Salad Dressing, Tartare Sauce, Aioli, Ranch Dressing and even Coleslaw or Thousand Island Dressing

Watch this Video to see how to make perfect mayonnaise every time (sorry its our first attempt)

If you would like this recipe, it is available in my Basics 1 eBook that is FREE when you subscribe to my blog! (don’t worry I only send 1 email a week with the week in review)
In the coming weeks we will be doing more videos on how to make Pastry, Butter, and even how to make the perfect Omelette in your frying pan every time. 

If there is anything you would like to see made please comment on this page and we will put it on the list of thing to make for you.

Thanks for watching (I promise we will get better at the videos) Happy Cooking!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!







Liz xx

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  1. Tammy

    Hi, just wondering how long this mayo lasts in the fridge please? Looks delicious!! ?

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Hi Tammy,
      Sorry for the late reply, yes it is delicious and if it lasts about 2 weeks, make sure your eggs are nice and fresh
      Liz xx


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