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I love dips and making them in the Thermomix is not only cheaper, but they are so much fresher, tastier and no preservatives or flavour enhancers. 

I thought as a service to my wonderful followers that I would put together a list of the ones I like from the Cookidoo and also the fabulous recipe community. There are a few sneaky ones from other blogs and of course my favourite dip of all time Toum (garlic dip)

If you click on the name of the dip it will take you to the link of the recipe, so you are off and running!


Smashed Pea and Bean Dip This use to be called smashed Pea and feta, it a favourite and you can make the dip the day before, take the avocado and feta with you and make it fresh to serve. If you have the festive flavours cook book, this is where you will find it also.

Capsicum, Sun-dried Tomato and Cashew Dip. Just like the shop ones, but better and double the amount!
This one is available in the Everyday cooking for Families cook book as well.

Muhamara (Capsicum Dip) is amazing, give it a try.

Herb and Garlic Dip is a staple in the Thermomix dip pantry as it has so few ingredients and tastes so delicious

Baked Artichoke Dip is a dip you wouldn’t normally go for, but trust me, this dip is fabulous and warm and delicious and will have everyone asking for the recipe. 

Layered Mexican Dip seriously who doesn’t love a mexican dip? My tip for this is to put it in a shallow baking dish other wise you end up with you hands and arms in the dips trying to get to the bottom.

Leek and Smoked Salmon Dip is a little bit fancy, but is a nice alternative to plain smoked salmon.

Tapenade (Olive Dip) is an acquired taste, but if you like olives, you will love this addition to your dip recipes.

Beetroot Parmesan and Cashew Dip is another classic like the capsicum and sun-dried tomato dip, give it a try because it is so easy to always have the ingredients on hand for this fabulous dip.

And my last pick from the Cooidoo is Zingy Avocado and Lime Dip 

These are just a few of my favourites, but there are so many more to choose from, over 200. If you are overwhelmed, give these ones ago as they are so full of flavour and delicious crowd pleasers. 

My Favourite Dip is Toum, which is a Lebanese Garlic Dip, My version of the fabulous dip is HERE! I know it looks like Mayonnaise, but its not and it is so delicious, just make sure your partner eats some too as it could get a little smelly LOL!

Then you have the recipe community, which are fabulous recipes that consultant and thermomix owners have shared with us. As with the cookidoo, there are so many to choose from there are too many to share all, but here are the ones I have tried and enjoyed!


French Onion 

Bacon Spinach and Cream Cheese Dip

Chili Con Questo Mexican Dip

Kristy’s Mexi Dip

Thermi Green Avocado Dip

Delectable Carrot Dip

Mexican Bean Dip

Garlic Creamed Corn Dip

Authentic Salsa Dip

Thai Pumpkin Dip

Bacon Cheese and Onion Cob

Exotic Thai with Cashews Dip

Sweet Corn Relish Dip

Garlic Artichoke Dip

Vegan Refried Bean Dip

The only dip I haven’t included is Hummus because below is the recipe I make.

Liz’s Hummus

4 garlic cloves
2 tins canned chickpeas
50 g lemon juice, to taste
2 tbsp tahini
40 g extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 tablespoon Vegetable Stock Paste
2 ice cubes
sprinkle of ground smoked paprika and extra EVOO to serve

1. Place garlic into mixing bowl and chop 3 sec/speed 7. Scrape down sides of mixing bowl with spatula and repeat chopping 3 sec/speed 7.
2. Add all other ingredients and blend 15 sec/speed 5. scrape down the sides of the bowl and blend 30 seconds speed 8, using the spatular to keep the ingredients moving around the bowl.
3. Taste and add more salt, lemon juice, Tahini, EVOO to your taste.
4. Place into a large bowl and spread around unevenly.
5. Sprinkle with smoked paprika and drizzle with EVOO and serve immediately with crackers or warm flat bread.

Well I hope that this has been helpful and you will try some new dips this Summer (in Australia) Enjoy experimenting with lots of different flavour this festive season and you never know, you might just get a new favourite Thermomix Dip.

Happy Cooking and Enjoy Irresponsibly!








Liz xx


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