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So it has taken me a while to post this blog as I almost had it ready and my beautiful mum (mentioned throughout this post) was diagnosed with cancer and died 4 months later. If you are interested you can read about it in the blog I dedicated to her.

Yesterday you read about our fantastic dinner at “The Spirit House – Restaurant” Today you get to envy over our cooking day!

Now the next day we got up and thought to just start the day with a coffee and something light, so me being the coffee snob that I am, read reviews and came up with what I thought, looked like a good coffee shop.

Spirit House Dinner

If you are in Yandina… you need to go and have coffee at Pioneer Coffee Roasters.

Small batch coffee roasters, situated directly opposite the ginger factory. The staff where lovely, chatty and answered all my questions. Simple delicious coffee, rich, smooth and drinkable. It had a wonderful atmosphere and was decorated really well. They even had old coffee bean sacks for sale.. very cool!

Spirit House Dinner

I had my usual piccolo (well two actually) and mum had a long black, both of us enjoy them so much we decided to have two!

Cooking School 1

The beautiful path to the restaurant and cooking school

So caffeined up, we were off to the cooking school, for “Dim Sum -and then some,” yep, we decided that since we like Yum Cha so much (even my dad) we would learn how to make dumplings properly and the extra added bonus that we would be able to translate them easily to the Thermomix and steam in the Varoma.

Cooking School 3

Included in the price is an apron (that you get to keep), all the recipes in a little booklet, so you can make notes, they take you step by step through all there recipe and show you how they cook the dishes. Finally after about 5 hours you get to eat them. Oh and the best part is that you don’t have to wash up. They give you little breaks so they can clean the kitchen for you to start the next cooking adventure (my idea of heaven) This is pretty much a perfect day in Elizabeth and Kay world.

The chef was very good at explaining things and was patient when we asked the same questions again and again. Thanks Kerry

Cooking School 7

We chopped,

Cooking School 8

pounded, kneaded, assembled,

Cooking School 9

sliced, marinated, took notes

Cooking School dumplings

steamed and cooked

Cooking School dumplings5

our way through the menu.

  • Steamed Flower Pot Dumplings with Scallop & Prawn

Cooking School dumplings1

  • Thai Chicken Curry Puffs with Sweet Chili Sauce

Cooking School Curry puffs2

  • Pork & Water Chestnut Pot Sticker Dumplings

Cooking School dumplings6

  • Sang Choi Bao with Chicken & Shitake Mushrooms

Cooking School San Chow

  • Chinese Roast Pork with Choy Sum

Cooking School Pork

  • Chinese Egg Custard Tarts

Cooking Class egg tarts1

Oh and then we ate 🙂

Cooking School 10

Our Table

My favourites were the Thai Chicken Curry Puff… best ever… and I am going to make them in the thermomix and post the recipe as soon as I have done it. Really, everything was delicious, but the curry puffs were my favourite. Mum’s favourite were the egg tarts, which are surprisingly easy to make… Mum has already given them a go and got the thumbs up from Dad, Me and Mr N.

Please, do treat yourself, at the very least, to a wonderfully delicious meal at The Spirit House and if you can, definitely go and do a class at the cooking school, it is well worth the price tag.

What sort of cooking classes have you been to or would you like to do? Would you like someone to come in a clean up after overtime your cooked? I would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for reading.








Liz xx

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