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This is the 3rd and last post in a little trip I have been taking with you around the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 
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Normally when we go away I pick a really great restaurant (fine dining) and we have a degustation menu and make a list of things to talk about during the 2 – 3 hour dinner. The Long Apron was our choice this time, and we had what to do with Owen’s business going forward, How much money we were going to keep investing in my eBooks and Blog and where we were going on our next break. Answers to these conversations are another blog, so let me tell you about The Long Apron meal.

Spicers Retreat – The Long Apron is situated in Montville and is apart of the Spicers Hotel Group. You can stay there as well and they have a guest only tasting menu each Tuesday night, which does infact makes me want to stay there just for that.

The front carpark was very full so we had to park around the back of the Hotel and it was poorly lit, very uneven and we found it difficult to figure out where to go. But If that is the worst thing that can happen on a night out then it’s all good. 

We were then greeted by our lovely host and asked to sit at the bar for a drink before going to our table. Our bartender was very attentive and the bar is next to a lovely fireplace, so the whole ambiance was beautiful. I ordered an Old Fashioned (which I had never had before) and it was delicious and strong LOL.

It is suppose to be a 5 course omnivore degustation, however they bought us a lovely kingfish ceviche each on a plate at the bar to accompany our drinks and then when we sat down at our table an amusé bouché was presented to wet our palette before the main event. (sorry I forgot to take photo’s I was too busy drinking)

Bread, I’m not sure why they serve bread as a part of degustation menus as it fills you up. But this House made sourdough was divine but I’m glad they didn’t keep topping it up!

First Offical Course was Poached Marron with Fennel and Pressed Cucumber. This delicate and light start was perfect and my second favourite dish of the night. Fennel and cucumber made the whole dish come together in perfect mouthfuls of deliciousness. 

Second Course was a vegetable dish with carrots. This was surprisingly sweet and throughly enjoyable, although Mr N did comment about the lack of protein! LOL!

Third Course was Suckling Pig. Pork roulade was delicious combined with the charred leek, and pork fat tulle contributed to this being my dish of the night. I could have eaten another two plates of this dish, but we still had a few courses to go!

Fourth course Venison with Beetroot. There is a reason why game and beetroot are often paired together, it is because it works, this classic combination sublime. The venison had been Sous Vide, so it cut like butter and melted in your mouth.

Fifth course was dessert – Chocolate Orange. I have to say this dessert didn’t do anything for me but that is because I don’t like orange and chocolate together (I know I’m really weird). However, I did enjoy part of the ice-cream and Mr N welcomed some extra dessert and commented that this was his favourite course (he has a sweet tooth).

Then with tea and coffee (as if I could fit that in) came a very rich chocolate, coffee truffle. By this stage I was so full, I had a little bite and gave the rest to MR N as I really didn’t want to spoil my whole meal.

The meal as a whole work together, the staff were attentive, friendly and always willing to answer my many questions about the food (which Mr N is constantly embarrassed about). We had a wonderful time talking about life that was briefly, pleasantly interrupted by exquisite food.

There is a reason that this is a highly acclaimed hatted restaurant, because it is well deserved. If you would like to spoil yourself on a weekend away to this spectacular part of Queensland, please do book in as they close for functions, weddings and special events. I booked our table 2 weeks before and got the last table on a Sunday night.

I hope you enjoyed my look at The Sunshine Coast Hinterland. I look forward to exploring more of our beautiful Country and sharing with you all my food finds.


Enjoy Irresponsibly and Happy Cooking!








Liz xx

This is an unbiased review of the night we chose to eat at the restaurant, it was not sponsored or paid for by The Long Apron, even if it was, I would still have given the same review. Liz xx

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