The Fish House – Burleigh

The Fishhouse

I have been  to the fish house several times. Unless you have plenty of money, or you just like to spend money on food then like me, this is a fantastic restaurant for special occasions. I generally go there for any excuse, birthdays, anniversaries etc… I’m sure that I probably should try out some other wonderful restaurants on the Gold Coast (and that is my aim in 2015) but I know that when I go out for lunch or dinner at The Fishhouse, I am always going to get stellar service, fantastic food and a beautiful view!

The Fishhouse

The view from our table on a stunning Gold Coast day!

I first time I went to The Fishhouse, it was for my birthday and we decided to try the degustation menu. I know that are really fashionable at the moment and every time you turn around another restaurant is sporting one, but they are a great way to taste a little bit of everything. It is especially good to try a degustation on your first visit, because then when you go back, you know what you are going to try next time.

The Fishhouse

Don’t fill up on the bread as it is very moorish, especially with some tartare sauce spread on it!

The degustation for 2 is shared at The Fishhouse, which I like also. When I’m out for lunch or dinner we often make sure that we order different things, so we can all have a taste and share food! I think it is a great way to eat! I know there are lots of people that don’t like to share, but I’m an only child, so if I can do it anyone can! LOL! 🙂

The Fishhouse

This is the nicest water I have ever paid for.

The Fishhouse is located at 50 Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads, Queensland. If you would like to have a look at their website just chick HERE FOR THE FISHHOUSE’S website.

It is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. I would always recommend lunch as the view of Burleigh Beach is very beautiful. You should also book and request a front table, they often can’t accommodate, as they get a lot of bookings, but there is no harm in asking, as they will try their best. Oh and they do have meat and vegetarian options available on request, if you are with someone who needs to make those food choices.

The Fishhouse

King George Whiting from Port Lincoln (SA) pan fried $46 It is flown in fresh every day.

I have read a few negative reviews (in the scheme of things not that many) re the food and service (no one ever complains about the atmosphere) on a few websites about The Fishhouse, but the several times, I have been there my experiences have always been positive.

The Fishhouse

Petula ocean trout (TAS) oven baked with soft herbs and Macadamia $42 This dish was very rich and decadent. I know this is a terrible photo but we just wanted to dig in and eat. 🙂

The Staff – are very knowledgeable and know their fish. I did get now waitress who didn’t know about some of the ingredients in what I was eating, but she apologised and said she was new and still learning, so she went and asked the manager.

The Wine – they have an extensive wine list and all the wines we tasted (they accompanied the degustation menu for an extra $50 per person) were delicious and complemented the food.

The Food – the menu changes all the time, but the degustation menu is $75 per person, which I though was very reasonable for the quality of the food. I personally think this is the best value. I also went with a friend for lunch and it ended up costing more for us to order individually, than it would of to do the degustation meal. They did bring out a tasting (free amuse-bouche) of their fish soup, which I found to be a bit salty and way to lemony, but I would never normally order soup when I go out, so that was fortunate for me. Desserts are available, but I find that I never have room. When we ordered the degustation menu it came with “Mum’s Chocolate Carmel Slice” which I had to get a takeaway container for, as I just couldn’t fit it in.

The Fishhouse

The amuse-bouche fish soup was a bit too over seasoned for me.

Entrees start from $18 – $28 and Mains start at $32 for classic fish and chips (it is the pretty good) to $160 for 10 char grilled fresh Queensland Yabbies (I remember catching them as a kid and eating them by the bucketful at my Aunties farm… who would have though they were that expensive) All the seafood is flown in or locally bought fresh every single day and is sustainable caught. The blackboard menu shows where the fish is from and the whole fish menu changes daily depending on the market price and availability.

The Fishhouse

All meals are served with potato, vegetables and salad or chips and salad, oh that amazing tartare sauce that the waitress called a food group all of its own.

Just a little side note. I have never eaten a tartare sauce that I have enjoyed. The tartare sauce that they serve with everything is house made and the most delicious I have tried… I will be trying to replicate it in the near future as I could have just eaten big mouthfuls of it.

So this is my opinion of The Fishhouse. I know that reviews are tricky because every one always has their own opinion about food and has differing experiences, but this is mine.

Have you ever had differing opinions about a restaurant… Have you ever gone online and written a positive or negative review about a restaurant?

Service 8/10

Food 8.5/10

Atmosphere 9/10

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xx

This meal was independently paid for.

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  1. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Bit the same with my thoughts on tartare…. Good you found one you love. I absolutely have you ever gone online and written both positive and constructive reviews about a restaurant. When an experience is negative, I will speak with the waiter on the day too.

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Thanks Anna… I can’t wait to get the time to make the Tartare… it is so delicious. What I didn’t write was that I guessed all of the ingredients and the manager asked me if a needed a job! LOL! Liz xx


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