Sous Vide in the Thermomix™

How to Sous Vide in the Thermomix™, even if you don’t have a TM6

I have been sous videing (if that is a word) in the Thermomix™ since I bought it. I must admit that I have been doing it a lot more since I earnt my TM6 because it has a built in function and then I received the blade cover and have been able to do more than smaller steaks.

Below are the recipes I use to get the perfect steak every time using the sous vide method. Its very chefy, but that is the whole point right. The steak, cuts like butter and melts in your mouth, it is just delicious.

I have done a small You Tube Clip to show you how to easily get the air out of the bag without having to buy a machine. You can pretty much Sous Vide anything you can cook traditionally if you have the time and patience.


Method TM6

First place your protein in bags (as demonstrated on the you tube clip) then follow the guided cooking on the various Cookidoo Recipes or use the guide below to make it manually and make your protein the way you like it! Below are the TM6 version for sous vide, there are many more but here are my favourite
Sous Vide Rare Beef Steak with Bernaise Sauce
Sous Vide Salmon with Avocado Cream
Rare Beef Steak with Herb and Garlic Butter
Teriyaki Chicken Thighs


Method TM5

First place your ingredients in bags (as demonstrated on the you tube clip) then follow the guided cooking on the various Cookidoo Recipes or use the guide below to make it manually and make your protein the way you like it! Below are the TM5 versions for the sous vide, with many more to try.
Sous Vid Rare Beef steak with Béarnaise Sauce

Sous Vide Salmon with Avocado Cream
Sous Vide Kangaroo with Rosemary
Sous Bides Pears with Cinnamon Sauce

Method TM31

You can make all the above recipes in your TM31 you will just have to adjust your temperatures and use the temperature closest to the below recipes. My preference is always for a rarer piece of meat, so when cooking sous vide in my TM31, I always went for the lower temperature for the same amount of time and with steak, just cooked it a bit longer in the pan for example. Rare Beef is 54°C for 1 – 1.5 hours I would choose to cook it at 50°C in the TM31 for 1.5 hours and it would still be perfect.

Manual Sous Vide

protein of choice
oil of choice
herbs and spices at your discretion

1. First place your protein in bags and add the seasonings you desire.
2. Make sure the bag has as little air in it as possible (as demonstrated on the you tube clip).
3. Place basket into the Thermomix™, then place your protein into the basket, fill the mixing bowl with water until it is just under the maximum allowed and then remove the bags of protein.
4. Heat the water to desired temperature.
5. Then and place the bags of protein back in the basket of the mixing bowl and cook to desired tenderness (time and temperature vary depending on what you are cooking).

6. FOR HEAT, heat pan on the stove until hot (do not put any oil in it there is enough in the steak) and fry off on each side till a nice caramelisation has occurred. If the pan is hot, usually only 30 seconds each side for rare.
7. FOR FISH, place skin side down into a cold pan and turn onto a medium heat, remove when pan is up to temperature and skin is crispy.

Sous Vide Temperatures (remember to adjust when using the TM31)

The quality of the cooking will always depend on the thickness of the meat. I have guesstimated around 2.5 –  3 cm thick for steak, Medium Chicken Breast and Thigh (around 200g), Fish about 3 cm thick.

Beef  – Cook from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the thickness of the beef
Beef – Rare – 54°C                       

Beef – Medium Rare – 60°C
Beef – Well Done – 70°C

Chicken – Cook for 1 hour
Chicken – Breast – 70°C

Chicken – Thigh – 75°C

Pork – Cook for 1.5 hours
Pork – 65°C

Fish – Cook for 40 minutes 
Fish 50°C – remember to adjust time for the thickness of the fillet

Tougher cuts of meat are fantastic to sous vide, but take considerably longer and you will need to have the blade cover to fit the large pieces of meat into the mixing bowl.

Tougher Cuts of Meat  – 75°C for 8 hours

Meat with Bone – cook for 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the thickness – 65°C 

I hope this has been helpful and that you will try this fabulous way of cooking food, it is so tender and worth having a go!

Enjoy Irresponsibly.









Liz x


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Elizabeth Connolly
I have been cooking since I can remember. I am a Thermomix consultant, so now (whenever possible) try to give you Conventional AND Thermomix methods for the recipes. I like to share tips on how to save money and how making food from scratch isn't really that hard (especially with a Thermomix). If you have any questions about the Thermomix or cooking/food in general please email me as I'm happy to chat.
Liz xx
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  1. DV

    Really handy guide, thanks! I’ve been wanting to try out the new Thermie’s Sous Vide mode and dying to do a steak. I was wondering about the rareness vs temperature vs time. Thanks for this.

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Thanks DV, It really is a lovely way to cook food, just make sure the plastic is BPA Free.
      Liz x


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