Saving Money With Chicken

Chicken, it something most of us eat.  This is about saving money. When you go to the butcher, chicken shop, supermarket, you generally are buying the pieces or parts of the chicken that you want. You are paying for the privilege of someone to do the work for you. If you are ok with that, just click on the shredding chicken in the thermomix link and move on 🙂

I like organic food and Chicken in particular… I won’t go into the in’s and outs of the chicken industry, because that would take up the whole blog, but if you can’t afford to buy Organic Chicken… PLEASE at the very least upgrade your chicken purchases to free range.

However, here is how I afford to buy Organic Chicken. I always buy whole chickens and cut them up my self.  This is the best way to save money. I buy 4 – 6 chickens at a time because if I am going to cut them up I might as well do enough to pop into the freezer.


All the bits of Chicken ready to turn into a meal!

Its quick (one chicken takes me about 3 minutes from start to finish) and it is soooooooo much cheaper!

what you get Chicken

That’s a lot of food for $6

I marinate the legs in a Honey Soy mixture that I make using Tamari (wheat free soy). I chop up the wings into nibbles and put ABC Ketup Manis on them. The thighs can be deboned and cut up ready for curries or leave them with the bones in try some different marinades. I always make my marinades and freeze the chicken with the marinades on them, because as they defrost they marinate the chicken perfectly! I use the breast to make chicken schnitzels, steamed chicken and stir fries made in my Thermomix, etc… and of course my Crispy Chicken Taco’s with Homemade Flour Tortillas. (also with a Thermomix version) Below is the video of how to shred chicken int he Thermomix.

making schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel, making it all at once to put in the freezer… This becomes and easy mid week meal!

The last thing you do is make the yummiest chicken stock out of the carcasses and you can use the stock for risotto’s, soups and gravies. Homemade stock is always so much nicer and healthier than anything bought at the supermarket, you know what is in it and you can monitor the salt content as well. If you are a visual learner and would like to see me cutting up the chickens. Click on this You Tube Link and I will talk you through the process step by step!


Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock… Cheap, easy and made with the left overs!

The Thermomix is perfect for steaming and shredding chicken for sandwiches and lunches.
I steam about 1.5kg of cut chicken breast into the Varoma that has been rubbed with salt and pepper and steam for about
20 minutes/Varoma/speed 1, or until cooked through.

Then put the chicken in the fridge and allow to completely cool before shredding, as it seems to work better.
Place the butterfly into the mixing bowl and place about 200g of chicken broken into pieces in the bowl, then
10 seconds/reverse/speed 4.
empty the bowl out and do again until all the steamed chicken is shredded. 
Watch me do it very quickly below

Watch this video on how to shred Chicken in the Thermomix Perfect every time!


All my stock and broth recipes are available in the SOUP eBook in the shop for only $3.99 if you are interested!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!









Liz x


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Elizabeth Connolly
I have been cooking since I can remember. I am a Thermomix consultant, so now (whenever possible) try to give you Conventional AND Thermomix methods for the recipes. I like to share tips on how to save money and how making food from scratch isn't really that hard (especially with a Thermomix). If you have any questions about the Thermomix or cooking/food in general please email me as I'm happy to chat.
Liz xx
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  1. Delia

    I have been doing this for years. It is hard to get people to believe you. The other thing I do is keep the wing whole and stuff it. You would be surprised how much stuffin you can get in the wing.
    If only people on a tight budget got it???

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      I know Delia, but people are so time poor that they can’t even think of doing something like this!
      ooooh I love thai stuffed wings, I might give this a go, thanks!
      Liz xx

  2. Hotly Spiced

    I definitely agree that buying whole chickens is a much better way to go. I was hesitant at first to cut them up but like you say, it’s not that difficult once you get going. Using the carcasses to make stock is an excellent idea. That’s a great service that you offer xx

    • Liz Connolly

      Thanks Charlie, its the only way for me to eat organic chickens! I have helped a few people make a real difference in their budgets which is very satisfying! 🙂


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