Satay Peanut Sauce (Thermomix Recipe)

Satay Sauce

This Satay Sauce comes from Bali…. in 1995 I went to Bali / Indonesia for two weeks on holidays with a group of students, teachers and parents. It was still a bit of a holiday at a discount because we had some supervision to do, but lots of fun to do many different activities. It was a fantastic adventure and because we were a school group we got to see and do things that you wouldn’t normally get to see. I think I was the only person who didn’t get sick while we were in Bali because basically I ate Satay Sauce with Chicken or Beef and rice and drank cocktails (yes we were allow to drink in those days) the whole time I was there. 

The most important thing to me was that I get to do an authentic cooking class and one of the recipes was a this. I have been making it forever and when I went to Stanthorpe – Cherry Blossom Cottage for my foodie getaway for me to focus on my blog and re organise all my paperwork, I found the recipe I had written out all that time ago and realised I had forgotten a few ingredients. The originally recipe uses beer nuts, but I prefer the plain roasted, salted ones, but please feel free to try it with beer nuts, it gives it a bit of a different flavour. 

I honestly have no desire to go back to Bali / Indonesia  (I’m a Fiji fan) but I really did enjoy the foodie adventures and the amazingly different culture. Every time I eat this it takes me back. Look out for my Chicken Satay Sticks Recipe that I make and slather this sauce in!


I have given you lots of options, but can I please recommend that you use the original ingredients as you will get the authentic flavour and all these ingredients are readily available at your local asian food store and many of them are also available in the international’s section of the big two. If you don’t like heat use a large low heat chilli as it still does add a significant flavour

250 Nobby’s Beer Nuts or Salted Peanuts, (the beer nuts have skins so your Satay will be a darker colour **300g (50g set aside) if you want it crunchy.
10g galangal (option, ginger)
30g deep fried shallots or 50g eschalot
1 red chilli (deseeded) optional
15g garlic
1 ice cube
5 gm shrimp paste (option, 20g fish sauce)
30g peanut oil
4 kefir lime leaves (centre stem removed)
30g fresh tomato
40m palm sugar (option, brown sugar)
10 – 20g fresh lime juice
150 – 250g water (if you want it a coconut flavour in your satay use coconut milk instead of water to get the desired consitency)


  1. Add the peanuts to the mixing bowl and mill 3 secs/speed 8. (Set aside in a bowl)     
  2. Do not wash the bowl and weigh in the galangal, eschalot or fried shallots, garlic, chilli, 2 of the 4 kefir lime leave and ice cube in the mixing bowl and chop ingredients 3 sec/speed 9
  3. Scrape down the bowl, add the shrimp paste and oil, chop again 3 secs/speed 9.
  4. Scrape down the mixing bowl and cook ingredients 5 mins/100/speed 1 (MC removed).
  5. Add the remaining 2 kefir lime leaves, tomato, palm sugar, lime juice, set aside peanuts and 100g of the water, blend 10 secs/speed 8 (MC Back on).
  6. Scrape down the mixing bowl and blend 15 secs/speed 9 adding more water if needed to achieve the consistency you like. (more water means thinner sauce)
  7. Scrape down the mixing bowl and blend another 15 secs/speed 9 and continue to blend at 15 sec intervals for the desired sauce smoothness.

**If you would like a crunchy sauce instead of smooth blend the extra 50g peanuts at the beginning of the recipe (that you have set aside) and stir through the crushed nuts at the end of the recipe, before serving.

This sauce is better to make ahead especially if you use the shrimp paste.

To reheat in your TM6, use the warmup function and set 5 mins/90°, or TM5 or TM31 5 mins/90°/ speed 1. When warming up you may need to add a bit extra water or lime juice. This sauce freezes well.

I hope you like this recipe, I would love for you to make it and let me know what you think by commenting on the page. Alternatively you can contact me though my facebook page.

As always, enjoy irresponsibly!!!










Liz xx



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