Liz’s Rocky Road

Rocky Road

Here is another recipe that polarises people. How do you like your Rocky Road? Here in Australia, Darrell Lee is a firm favourite, but I don’t like nuts in my Rocky Road. I’m not particularly a fan of marshmallows either, unless they are char grilled over an open fire. So why is my Rocky Road so different? Well it isn’t really, it is just all in the preparation!

For ME, rocky road should have three elements (apart from the chocolate), gooey, chewy and crunchy! The gooey is the marshmallow, but the problem I have is that I don’t like the gooey if there isn’t any chewy with it. This is where my OCD rears itself when making Rocky Road, you will see why when you get to the instructions, so I combine the gooey and the chewy. The crunch for me is a no brainer. Violet crumble! You use to be able to get it in a big pack as bite sized covered honeycomb, but I struggled to find even the violet crumble bars. It was a bit sad and shows you how long it has been since I made this. Crunchie (another Australian brand of chocolate coated honeycomb) just isn’t right, so I searched for Violet Crumble and found some at the news agency. I have been very specific with the brands here as I think this is the key to a good rocky road, but feel free to choose brands that you like!

Rocky Road

I used 2 blocks of milk and 1 of Dark, but you could just have dark or just milk, what about making a white chocolate version… you can choose! The great thing about this recipe is that I have just given you the ratios that work, now you can figure out what you like and how you want you rocky road! Then there are no arguments!

Rocky Road

This isn’t really a budget recipe, but it is much cheaper to make than buy, so give it a go and you will enjoy the benefits, even if your hips don’t! LOL!


I also used a smaller than my normal tin, about 20cm by 25cm so that my rocky road was higher. This recipe makes about 20 – 30 pieces depending on how big you cut them.


1 pkt of Pascal Marshmallows

1 pkt of Allen’s Red Frogs

2 bars of Violet Crumble or 1 bag of bites (if you can find them)

3 x 200g Blocks of Good Quality Chocolate

30g coconut (optional)


1. Cut Marshmallows in half with a good pair of sharp kitchen scissors and put aside.

Rocky Road

2. Cut red frogs into halves or thirds and put aside.

Rocky Road

3. OCD alert!!!! Place one piece of red frog into every marshmallow. This is so when you bite into the marshmallow, you always get a chewy bit as well! Then place into a large bowl.

Rocky Road

4. Place broken up piece of violet crumble and the coconut (if using) into the bowl of the perfect gooey, chewy combination and mix well.

Rocky Road

5. Prepare a baking dish is baking paper.

6. Break up chocolate and melt in a bowl over hot water (bain marie).

7. Pour melted chocolate into the bowl and mix well. Then quickly pour into prepared tray and push down.

Rocky Road

8. Allow mixture to completely set (it does this faster in the fridge) and cut into bit size pieces!

Rocky Road

It is that easy!



If you own a Thermomix follow all the instructions but melt the chocolate this way.

1. Break the chocolate(makes sure it is cold) into the mixing bowl and blend 10 seconds/speed 10.

2. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and melt 6 minutes/50/speed 1 then finish with 7 and 8, too easy!

Rocky Road

I hope you enjoy my version of this yummy treat. It is quick to make and something you can whip up in a hurry, if you are not like me and feel the need to deal with the textural issues that come with marshmallow.

Enjoy Irresponsibly!









Liz xx

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  1. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    I try to like rocky road, but it is dangerously close to that wobbly jelly texture that makes my eyes water. I have this weird thing with marshmallows. LOL! But, it is a good go-to easy to make recipe, sooooo… I shall get over it and have a crack. Thanks love. Happy week to you. xox

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Anna, it is the same thing with me, so I make sure in my rocky road, that I never get any straight marshmallow, it always has a bit of red frog in it 🙂 Liz xx


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