Qt, Possible the Best Buffet Breakfast Ever!

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the foyer of the QT resort in surface paradise was the light… so much beautiful Gold Coast sunshine being let in. The next thing I noticed was the little refreshment cart. I’m assuming it’s for guests that come back from the beach and need a refreshing beverage. So I asked the concierge if I could have a drink while I waited for my friend to arrive “of course Madam, it is for everyone’s enjoyment”


Free Refreshments in the Foyer

I was escorted up to level one, which houses the breakfast buffet. Let me say, it isn’t just any old buffet; it’s a breakfast experience! I’ve had a few breakfast buffets in my time and this one is THE best. It’s not just that the food is so amazingly tasty; it is also presented so well! They say we taste first with out eyes; well this was a feast even before you have eaten anything!

The cereals were placed in a beautiful book cast with all sorts of yummy added extras.


Cereal anyone?

The juices and milks were beautifully presented in little bottles with old school wax straws.


I only had space for 2 🙁

The pastries all looked delicious, although I didn’t have any room for them. The fruit was fresh and sweet and seasonal and the selection of teas in silk teabags made me dizzy.


Tea, for 2?

The hot food was extraordinary and all presented inside beautiful Le Crusette dishes.


Hot Food Station

There was not one piece of boring white bread anywhere and the jams were all house made.


Home Made Jam

The egg chef was kept very busy, but not by me I couldn’t fit an omelette in.

So what did I eat? I started off with a little passion fruit yogurt cup that I added some fruit, nuts, and coconut too… YUM! Then I had some fresh fruit with Prosciuttos, cheese and cornichons. Then I had some hot food.  The most delicious little potato and herb rosti, mushrooms sautéed in cream and rosemary, house made baked beans slow cooked with a ham hock and a perfectly poached egg.


I think this was my third plate of food!

Finally I had a very small heart waffle with butter and cinnamon, and a croissant because I had to try the mix berry and the black cherry jams. Needless to say I walked out with a food baby in my belly. Oh I forgot to say that I had a fresh Pineapple juice as well as a Cranberry juice. I could have had a freshly made coffee (which you order and is bought to your table) but I wanted to try the juices.

But the best thing about breakfast was the company I got to catch up with a long time friend Kimmy and I got to meet her wonderful husband for the first time. When you go to QT for breakfast (I write WHEN not IF) make sure you go early, take someone you like to talk to and stay till 10:30am, that way you can pace yourself and try a little bit of everything!!


Kim and I

I just need to clarify that this is not the Q1 which is a very different venue but in fact a Boutique Hotel called QT!  Have a look at their beautiful website here!


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