Macadamia and Garlic Crusted Lamb Roast with Roasted Eshallot Gravy (Thermomix Method Included)

Lamb Roast

Lamb Roast… pretty much an iconic Aussie food. Mostly it is pierced with slices of garlic and rosemary and baked in an oven until it is cook (usually overcooked) and served with roasted veggies, gravy and mint sauce. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

I have to say I’m a bit over the old Lamb roast… so when delicious magazine bought out a Master Recipe “Roast Lamb” August 2008 page 142… I though why not, give it a go! I substituted the onions for eshallots the very first time (I find it hard to stick to a recipe) and whala… the yummiest gravy to zest up a lamb roast.

Lamb Roast

Next, I have been wanting to try some different things with crusts on food, as it is not something that I have done very often. I thought what else could be more iconicly Australian than Macadamia nuts… If your reading this and you haven’t heard of them. Macadamia nuts are a native Australian nut, that like most Australian’s, are hard on the outside, soft on the inside, are amazing when you get inside them, but are pretty hard to crack! LOL!

So a macadamia crust it was. It turned out beautifully and with the onion gravy perfectly complemented the lamb and macadamia nuts.

I also cooked a version in the Thermomix and was surprised at how wonderfully tender it was. I liked that to finish off the Lamb I put it in the oven at the same time as the roast vegetables and while the meat is resting and you are getting everything ready to serve,  the gravy is cooking!

Honestly you don’t have to do a lamb roast to use the macadamia crust… it would work just as well on some chops, just put them in a baking tray and in the oven. Just a little something to spice up any meal really, as I’m sure it would taste nice on chicken as well!

Lamb Roast



1 leg of lamb between 1.5 and 2kg

10 – 12 Eshallots (french onions) or 5 large onions


These are french eshallots

3 Cloves of Garlic

2 Sprigs of Fresh Thyme (or dried if you don’t have fresh)

2 Teaspoons of Salt

120g Macadamia Nuts

2 Tablespoons Macadamia Nut Oil (30g)

2 Tablespoons Plain Flour

500mls of Stock (500g)

100mls Red Wine (100g) (Optional… but really?)

50g Butter

salt and pepper to taste


1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius and splash a baking tray large enough to fit your lamb roast in with olive oil.

2. Peel and quarter onions and place in a sauce pan with whole cloves of garlic, cover with water and bring to the boil. Boil for 10 mins.

3. Drain onions and place in the bottom of the oiled baking dish, sprinkle with fresh thyme. Set aside garlic cloves.

Lamb Roast

4. Place garlic, salt, nuts and nut oil in a food processor and blend until all ingredients are a smooth paste. You could also do this in a mortar and pestle, it will just take a bit more time.

5. Place lamb roast on top of the onions in the baking dish and slather with the macadamia nut paste.

lamb Roast

Slather the macadamia paste all over the lamb.

6. Turn your oven down to 180 degrees celsius and place dish in the oven. Cook until the lamb is to your liking.

1.5kg 1 hour = medium rare,  1 hour 30 mins = medium

2kg 1 hour 30 mins = medium rare,  2 hours = medium

7. When cooked, place the lamb on a serving plate cover with Aluminium foil and a tea towel to keep warm and rest (this is really important for tender lamb). Turn oven up to 200 degrees Celsius and place prepared vegetables in the oven.

Lamb Roast

8. Place baking tray with onions onto a hot plate on a medium heat. Place in butter and stir until melted. Add flour and stir with a fork to make sure there are no lumps cooking out the flour for about 2 minutes.

9. Pour in warm stock (if your stock is warm you are less likely to get lumpy gravy) and whisk to incorporate the flour and stock together. It should start to thicken.

10. Add wine and allow gravy to simmer for at least 15 minutes (this allows the flour to continue to cook out). You may need to add a little bit more stock/water if it gets too thick.

Lamb Roast

The roasted eshallots/onions will give the gravy a nice rich brown colour.

11. Salt and pepper to taste.

12. Slice lamb… making sure everyone gets a bit of the yummy macadamia crust, serve with vegetables and smother in the rich onion gravy!

Thermomix Method


This recipe was made in the TM5 on manual, but will be exactly the same for the TM31

Extra Ingredients 1200g water and TM Paste.

1. Place macadamia nuts, garlic and macadamia nut oil into the mixing bowl and grind  5 seconds/speed 7.

2. Place lamb roast in the Varoma and cover in nut paste.

3. Into the mixing bowl measure 1200g of water and 2 tablespoons of TM paste. Insert mixing basket and place in peeled eshallots or quartered onions.

Lamb Roast

4. Place Varoma on Thermomix and cook lamb 90 minutes/100 degrees/speed 2 for 1/5 kg lamb. You will need 2 hours for 2kg lamb.

5. Preheat oven to 250 degrees Celsius (about 20 minutes before the lamb is done steaming).

6. Remove Varoma and set aside. Remove mixing basket with spatula and allow to drain.  Place drained onions in the bottom of the oiled baking dish and sprinkle with fresh thyme. Empty out mixing bowl and reserve liquid for gravy.

Lamb Roast

7. Carefully place steamed lamb on top of boiled onions and place into very hot oven for 30 – 40 minutes, until the macadamia crust is nice and brown. You can add your prepared vegetables at the same time and same temperature as you are browning the lamb.

Lamb Roast

It won’t be completely cooked, but the browning in the oven will finish it off nicely.

8. After 30 – 40 minutes, remove lamb from the oven (leaving the vegetables to continue cooking and place the lamb on a serving plate cover with Aluminium foil and a tea towel to keep warm and rest (this is really important for tender lamb).

Lamb Roast

9. Scrape the contents of the baking tray (all the yummy onion, thyme and caramelised bits) into the mixing bowl add 500g of reserved stock water and a tablespoon of meat stock (Veggie stock is fine), red wine, butter, flour, salt and pepper and cook  20 minutes/Varoma/speed 2.

10. Meat is resting, veggies are continuing to cook, gravy is cooking. When Gravy is finished, vegetables will be ready and meat will be perfectly rested. Slice lamb… making sure everyone gets a bit of the yummy macadamia crust, serve with vegetables and smother in the rich onion gravy!

Lamb Roast

Sometimes it’s all about the meat.

So give it a go and see how you like it… Personally the macadamia crust is going on all my lamb roasts from now on… and then when I get sick of it I will try something else!

So as usual, Enjoy Irresponsibly, because when you eat good food that you have made from scratch you can!

Liz x

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Elizabeth Connolly
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  1. Hotly Spiced

    We have the same gravy jug! I love your lamb recipe and my mouth is watering. What a great dinner! I don’t think there’s anything more comforting than a lamb roast and yes, it’s just not the same without gravy. And I love the macadamia crust too – it looks so good. I love eschallots but I do hate to peel them – they are little buggers! xx

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Yes… they are very difficult to peel and expensive at the moment… almost as much as the lamb (go figure) I’m not even sure where I got that jug from… IKEA? maybe not sure… but I love it because it holds a lot and I come from a long line of gravy lovers 🙂 Liz x

  2. anna@shenANNAgans

    Mmmm, smoked garlic as well. One of the chefs at work mentioned I’d love Dorper lamb (it’s a breed of sheep.. I’m awfully suspicious of anyone who says I’d love lamb if I just did xyz.., so I asked. What pray tell is Dorper Lamb? It’s a breed of lamb apparently & it has a much milder taste (none of that lanolin type taste). I’m a little intrigued….I’ll let you know).Have a great week Liz.

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Yes Anna… I have in fact had Dorper Lamb and it is delicious… however my preference is Saltbush lamb (when I can get it) but please let me know what you think… You have a great week to! Liz x

  3. anna@shenANNAgans

    I’m pretty sure I grew up with lamb, roasted, grilled, stewed, slow cooked….. you name it, we had it. Dad was nuts about lamb & he considered it a pretty poor show when Mum snuck in chicken or beef & we all knew never to get him started on pasta – he never saw pasta as worthy of a main meal. Yep…. I know my lamb……. too well….. way too well, in fact it’s just not allowed now. Too much is too much I say.
    But….. Oh Yes…. we do hear a but don’t we….. you’ve gone & put something together here that has me intrigued & I find myself saying ‘Wow, wonder what macadamia crusted lamb would taste like’. Could lamb be back on the menu at ShenANNAgans? It’s tempting.

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      LOL Anna, you are so cool 🙂 I have to say, the combination of the macadamia and garlic crusted on the lamb was wonderful! Not a mint leaf in sight! If you can get you hands on some smoked garlic, use that, as it gave the lamb a wonderfully complex flavour! Liz x


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