In My Kitchen – October 2019

Well it has been a long time between drinks in The Mother Hubbard’s Kitchen…. In fact I have changed kitchen’s. The few of you that have been following my story will know that my very first In My Kitchen Blog (May 2014) I showed you around my tiny little kitchen at the granny flat. It is situated at the back of mum and dad’s house and I moved in after moving back to the Gold Coast from Sydney.

You see friends, I lost my cooking mojo because my biggest fan, best friend and mum was diagnosed and died of cancer in 5 very short months. (Click here for my mum’s story) I then became the full time carer of my dad as his health deteriorated rapidly after mum died. 


In the middle of all this I got married to a wonderful man known as Mr Normal (Mr N) here in blog world,

but because I was still looking after my dad, we only saw each other on the weekends as he worked away for 4 days a week. 

Then in February this year my dad passed away, so it has taken my this long to kind of go through the house, sort through all mum and dads things, keep what was precious, give away and sell what I didn’t want, move out of the flat into the main house.

And in the middle of all that I felt my mojo in the kitchen coming back and decided that I would like to get some of my recipes into eBooks if people might like to buy them. I contacted a very good photographer, a web designer and a graphic designer, so everything has had a facelift and I am so proud of the eBooks, not only are they beautiful, but many are my family recipes and it was such a labour of love to make and re test all these wonderful recipes for both thermomix and conventional methods.

They are only $3.99 each or $19.95 for the bundle, not too expensive and just a little way for me to continue to develop recipes and have some money to pay for it all.








Exciting things ahead for the Mother Hubbard’s Kitchen. Here is my new kitchen, it is 20 years old, but has such wonderful memories of cooking with my mum and I now enjoy cooking and preparing lots of new foods and making new memories. I have a few more cupboards and space to put things in and everything seems just a little bit more organised.

I have a bigger more organised pantry

I also now have another addition to the thermomix family as Vorwerk bought out the TM6 this year and I earnt another baby on the bench. I know 3 is a bit much, but sometimes when Im doing lots of cooking they are all working away, so one doesn’t ever feel left out.

I also have a wonderful knife block and a beautifully sharp Wusthof knife that my husband bought me last year for Christmas

In my kitchen are my brand new kitchen bench Chairs… they are actually mum and dad’s old ones that have been sanded, repainted and recovered. I was so happy with the result instead of buying all new furniture, I got the rest of their old furniture done as well because the furniture was such good quality and I couldn’t find anything I liked within my price range so this was perfect, everything old is new again!

and lastly, next to my kitchen is a big bookshelf (this is only half of it as I had to put some other other books in it too) I got  it purpose built for all my cook books and spices… It really is a dream come true. it is so easy to get to everything now and yes the tiered spices are in alphabetical order.

So that is a little look into what has been happening in my world and why it effected my Kitchen for so long. I look forward to catching up with you and all your kitchens again each month, can’t wait to hear from you.









Liz xx


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It wonderful to be back and lots of thanks for Sherry’s pickings for hosting this fabulous get together of food bloggers.

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Elizabeth Connolly
I have been cooking since I can remember. I am a Thermomix consultant, so now (whenever possible) try to give you Conventional AND Thermomix methods for the recipes. I like to share tips on how to save money and how making food from scratch isn't really that hard (especially with a Thermomix). If you have any questions about the Thermomix or cooking/food in general please email me as I'm happy to chat.
Liz xx
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  1. Fiona

    HI Liz – I’ve tried a number of times to leave a message but keep getting an error from Captcha. I’ll come back again later.

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Hi Fiona,
      Yes I’m not sure as I had my website designer have a look and she can’t find anything wrong? But thanks for saying hi! Liz xx

  2. Kim | a little lunch

    Elizabeth, thanks for sharing this post (and link) about your losses. Deepest condolences, xo. In case this comment resembles the one I just attempted to post (Captcha error? aarrgh) please feel free to edit, delete, and/or disregard. Life moves on, as you’ve undoubtedly discovered. I lost my entire family (Dad, Mom, sister & brother) during the past decade and am still trying to assimilate their belongings into my house — mostly with JOY — but it takes awhile. Give yourself time to grieve. Glad to see you’re coming into your own again and way to ROCK that red wedding dress!

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Oh Kim, WOW! yes it is just hard and laborious sorting through everything. It was hard enough with mum and dad, I couldn’t imagine re siblings (I don’t have any) But yes I’m moving forward with their love and memories. Oh and Thanks re the Wedding dress, I am so in love with it. I had an idea in my head and my beautiful seamstress bought it to life, then when I found the material… it was just perfect, I couldn’t have been more happy! Thanks for dropping by and saying hello! Liz xx

  3. Tandy I Lavender and Lime

    Liz, I am sorry for the losses you endured, and so happy for you that you have got married and you are enjoying life! Have fun in your kitchen 🙂

  4. sherry

    it’s so nice to see you back here liz. wow so many life-changing things in your life over the last few years. congrats on your marriage and condolences re your folks. so very sad; and yes the pain just subsides really; it never goes away. love your pantry and your bookshelves. oh and thanks for using my badge on your post. a dear friend who is an illustrator drew it up for me (tho all the other drawings on my blog are by little old me). and congrats on your ebooks. i must have a good look at them soon. all the best and see you in november 🙂 cheers sherry

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Thanks so much Sherry, yes it is nice to be back in the kitchen, developing recipes and enjoying cooking again! Liz xx


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