Frozen Moscow Mule (Thermomix Method Included)

Frozen Moscow Mule

I love fruit cocktails, my favourite being the strawberry daiquiri that I posted earlier in the year. I particularly like them if they have crushed ice in them! I also love a Moscow mule, so my brain kicked into gear (doesn’t happen a lot at this time of the year) and thought I can make a combined one…!

Limes are very expensive at Christmas time, (because they aren’t in season and most you are buying are imported) but fortunately because I am Mother Hubbard, I bought up big when they were in season (a whole box for only $5), juiced them and froze them into ice cubes, which is very handy now that I want to make this deviously delicious drink! I only had to buy one lime (which coast $1.50) to thinly slice for decoration and really you don’t need to do that if you are having them at home.

Frozen Moscow Mule

So here is the perfect blend of lime, vodka and ginger beer! It should be noted that no matter what anyone thinks, Bundaberg ginger beer is the best in Australia. I can’t say definitively that I have tried every ginger beer in Australia, but nothing comes close to Bundaberg as far as I’m concerned! They aren’t paying me to say that, it is my opinion and because I have a blog I get to share that!  So don’t skimp, buy the best! LOL Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little bit of New Year cocktail fun.

Frozen Moscow Mule

Ingredients – this makes 5 – 6 cocktails which are an average of 1 – 2 standard drinks.

2 x 375ml of Bundaberg Ginger Beer

1 Teaspoon of Grated Ginger (jar or fresh)

80ml (g) of Lime Juice

700g of Ice Cubes

250ml(g) of Vodka

Lime to decorate (optional)


1. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend on the highest speed until all ice is crushed.

Thermomix Method

1. Place all ingredients into Thermomix and blend 40 – 50 seconds/speed 9. You will need the spatula to help move the ingredients around as fizzy liquid freezes a lot quicker!

Frozen Moscow Mule

ENJOY Responsibly!! (here I go again, but it is alcohol and I don’t want to be accused of telling people to become alcoholics now, would I).

So what is your drink of choice for New Year? What is you favourite thing to do to celebrate the beginning of a New Year? Make sure you drop by and let me know!

Liz xx

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