Finding the Best Coffee – Treehouse Cafe

Treehouse Coffee

Now how could you resists these wicked treats!

You know it is always a bit of a worry when your favourite local coffee shop changes hand. You walk in and there are new people, some new staff, but they tend to keep a few of the older ones around just for a while, at least to keep the customers comfortable, AND, then there is always the worry that the coffee isn’t going to be as good and the food might change, but not for the better!

Treehouse Coffee

Well WOW, I’m so happy, there was nothing to be worried about! My LOCAL is now even better than before if that is possible! They have kept a few things the same… You still order at the counter, they still have the yummy little ginger biscuits with each coffee, but if it is possible, the coffee is even better and the food has changed for the better. There is a much more extensive selection of breakfast food and then lunch (although I haven’t been for lunch yet).

Treehouse Coffee

Now they have even started a lovely bakery section, so you can get hot pies and sausages rolls as well as fresh bread and pastries, to add the already yummy selection of food. They are at 610 Oxley Drive at the front of the Harbour Side Markets. Oh and check out their Facebook page HERE.

Treehouse Coffee

But lets start with the coffee, because this is a coffee blog after all! They still serve the wonderful Campos Coffee and a Piccolo is $4.50. It was smooth and strong and delicious as only a piccolo should be. I must confess, because this coffee shop is literally around the corner from where I live, I have been through a fair few coffee cards! Oops!

Treehouse Coffee

If you are a reader of my coffee blogs you will know who orders the Muggaccino at $5.00. Yes Tan… and it was even full strength!

Treehouse Coffee

The Hot Chocolate comes in at $4.50 and Sim commented that it was the best hot chocolate she had… so that is fantastic, as often Tanya and I are raving about our coffees and Sim has an all too often lacklustre review of her choc… So it was great when she was so happy with her beverage.

Treehouse Coffee

I do think there was a sneaky sip before Tan was able to take the photo.

There is a breakfast special for $11 which looks really good value, but we ordered off the menu 🙂 Me being boring, I chose my favourite, Eggs Benedict with Bacon, you could choose Smoked Salmon or Avocado if you prefer and at $16 is great value. I also chose to have avocado on the side for an extra $3. It was divine, the combination of the perfectly poached, beautifully runny eggs and the nicely salty short cut bacon as always is a fantastic flavour combination.

Treehouse Coffee

Tanya had the Acai Bowl, which is soooooo in fashion right now darlings! 🙂 While all Acai bowls are different, Tanya said that it looked better than it tasted. This Acai Bowl was a bit bland and also a bit too runny. You really needed to mix all the ingredients in together to get the best flavour.

Treehouse Coffee

Sim chose the Avocado Bruschetta Smash for $16 which she said was delicious… a little too much tomato made her bruschetta a bit watery, but apart from that, the eggs were perfect. Everything looked so good and beautifully presented.

Treehouse Coffee

So our scores for today’s cafe are as follows

Tan Sim Liz
Food 7 8 9.5
Drinks 8 9 9
Service 8.5 8.5 9
Atmosphere 8.5 8.5 8

So pop along to this fabulous coffee shop and say hi to ____ who have done a fabulous job transforming my local! Make sure you tell them Mother Hubbard sent you!

Thanks for reading… I will see you next week for another coffee and another cafe on the northern end of the Gold Coast!


Liz xx

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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Man that hot chocolate looks amazingly good! I wanted to reach into the computer to grab it! 😀

  2. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Oh I can totally relate to that feeling you have when you walk into your trusty ol fave coffee shop and everything is different. The fear that your cuppa is gonna be not as good mostly, but some of it is seeing strangers in the place of ‘friends’ who you’ve met at your worst. BUT… looks like your local has passed the test of true follower.

    Haha… I havent met an Acai Bowl I have really enjoyed yet. I feel hip ordering them, and they make excellent instagram photos, but am often left most unsatisfied. Seems this one is the same huh?

    Its dinner time, Im gonna make Avocado Bruschetta Smash, thanks for the inspo!

    Have an amazing Friday friend. Big hugs and loves. xo

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Yes it was very much like that! I don’t know about the acai bowl as I’m allergic to bananas so have never tried one….! I just think it is really cool to eat purple food at the moment!!! LOL!
      Can’t wait till you come visit!!!
      Liz xxx


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