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Percy's Coffee

Percy’s Corner is situated in the Gold Coast’s Original Ambulance Station at 45 Nerang Street Southport. It has a wonderful history attached to the building and on their website they have a little blurb about this history. You can read all about it HERE.

Coffee Percy's

As usual the Top Ten Team rocked up to check out this hip new joint and we were surprised at how busy it was! It is a very small space, but they have packed a lot into it. There is no parking out the front and anyone knows that it is hard to get a park in Southport at the best of times, but even more so now, since the G line has taking up most of Nerang St. So you may have to park in one of the side streets and walk down.

Coffee Percy's

It is very small, but has a wonderful feel, most people come and order takeaway and it is definitely set up that way, but there are a few tables and chairs, as well as a bench seat for those who want to sit and read the paper! 🙂

Coffee Percy's

If you are interested in sitting down for a long catch up and chat, this is not the place for you, but it is situated in a fantastic spot for a quick takeaway with some good food. They are very serious about their coffee, offering single roast as well as cold drip filtered.

The staff were friendly and very knowledgeable about their coffee and food. They have a small menu, but everything that we had was delicious… I know that I sound like a bit of a broken record, but it really was good!

Coffee Percy's

Cold Brew $6

I had a cold drip filtered coffee and it was soft and smooth without even a hint of bitterness! Check out their Drinks Menu HERE!

Tanya enjoyed her Muggaccino and said it was deliciously smooth. I think if the seats had been a bit more comfortable we would have had another coffee.


$4.50 Muggaccino

I chose the Bangalow ham bagel, which had the most delicious pickle on it and just the right amount of salad and this divine horseradish cream. It was also very reasonably priced at $9.

Coffee Percy's

Bangalow Ham Bagel $9

Bangalow ham is grown in Bangalow (surprise, surprise) and is made from free range pigs that get to run around in the lushness that is Bangalow. I’m not sure if this ham tastes better because I know the little piggies have been looked after well, or it just has a superior taste! I know I can definitely taste the difference in eggs, what about other produce? What do you think?

Coffee Percy's

Fruit Toast $4

Sim had the fruit toast with maple butter and commented on how much fruit was in the bread. You can see in the picture that it is loaded, so nice and sweet and perfect with her Hot Chocolate.

Coffee Percy's

Blueberry Bagel $5

Tan had the Blueberry bagel with ricotta, which she enjoyed, but said it needed a little more ricotta and was a bit dry. I’m sure if she had of asked the guys would have given her more.

The Staff were very friendly and even though there was a steady flow of customers, they took the time to answer my questions. If they had a few comfy couches (I don’t know where they would put them) and nicer seats instead of stools, we probably would have stayed and chatted longer and ordered more coffee, hence the low score for atmosphere, but we really can’t fault them on their quality and service.

Tan Sim Liz
Food 6 7 8
Drinks 8 8 8
Service 9 8.5 9
Atmosphere 6 5 4

I always look forward to hearing from you. I you have been to one of our lovely cafe’s don’t forget to drop me a line and tell me what you thought! Thanks for reading.

Don’t forget to check out Tan’s INSTAGRAM Page… she takes all the photo’s and is very talented.

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xx

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  1. Hotly Spiced

    What a gorgeous old building and I love how beautifully it’s been transformed from storing ambulances to serving coffee. It’s a shame the bagel was a bit dry xx

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Yes it is really lovely… I have to day I’m not a great fan of a bagel, but maybe I haven’t tried a really good one yet? 🙂 Liz xx

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      I know… and we have this wonderful free range bacon here and it doesn’t compare with anything else, I’m getting a bit spoilt! Liz xx

  2. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    It’s Mr Massamans (need a better name for him than that) birthday on Monday, totes bought him a bottle of cold brew as one of his gifts.

    This place looks rad, if I get around to visiting your neck of the woods, I’d totes stop in for a cuppa.


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