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At the old Surfers Paradise bus depot a transformation has happened. It has been turned into a hip and happening place. Who would have thought? Right next to Bruce Bishop Car park and opposite the entrance of Melba’s (oh the memories that I don’t have time or am too embraced to tell you about Melba’s) is this fantastic new joint. There is a beer and burger place as well and a few other eateries opening up to turn this into a little eating/drinking haven in Surfers.

Paradox Roaster Coffee

The Top Ten Team’s focus today is Paradox Roasters. As you can see by the photos (expertly taken by Tan1010) it is huge. They have their own blends and roast their own beans. Todays blend is 70% Nicaraguan medium roast and 30% Ethiopian light roast. There are other choices on the menu, but this is the recommend blend today!

Paradox Roaster Coffee

We choose a very large booth that is comfortable and I feel like we are in the set of a movie surrounded by the high ceilings and the beautiful brickwork. The staff were friendly, but didn’t seem to write anything down. That is totally fine if they remembered your order and in typical Tan fashion, everything runs smoothly for everyone else except for her coffee. It is one of life’s great mysteries… Are you the sort of person that always gets that one bone in your fish or that hair or your order goes a bit funny? Well Tan seems to be that person and lengthy conversation about it ensures all her food and drink misadventures.

Paradox Roaster Coffee

I on the other hand seem to lead a charmed life when it comes to food. I always get the best tables, the best service and my food is always the yummiest and everyone is envious of what I order. Not sure how the universe works that way, but it always aligns for me, even when travelling. I alway stumble into some of the best places just by accident then find out later they were on some to do list of foodie destination from around the world!

Paradox Roaster Coffee

So to the coffee…

Paradox Roaster Coffee

Large Cappuccino $4.50

Well you would think that if they roast and blend their own that it would be pretty fantastic and….. it is 🙂

Paradox Roaster Coffee

Piccolo $3.50

The only complaint that seemed to be a constant, was that the milk wasn’t hot enough. Now normally I’m just like, well it’s because you have too much milk (me ordering the piccolo) and it gets cold before you drink it, but even my piccolo was on the cooler side. The girls loved the flavour and we all had seconds cups and asked for hotter milk, which was much better. It seems that fresh roasted and grounded coffee does have a flavour and a freshness to it that is second to none. I’m sure that what ever blend they used, because it was freshly roasted, it instantly tastes better. Just like when you pick fresh produce from your garden and cook it that night… the flavour difference is amazing!

Paradox Roaster Coffee

Large Hot Chocolate $5

To the food. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but everything we had was delicious. The price was a bit on the high side for breakfast, but the quality was so good, you don’t mind paying that bit extra.

Paradox Roaster Coffee

Buttermilk Pancakes – with berries and cream $13.50

These pancakes were delicious, light and fluffy and just enough cream and berries to compliment.

Paradox Roaster Coffee

Old Skool Bubble & Speak –  with crispy bacon and fried egg $16.25

Yes you can’t really see the bubble and squeak in this picture, but it was there and Sim said it was delicious. A very large portion and she was full.

Paradox Roaster Coffee

Free Range –  Fuffy omelette with fresh chilli, tomato, mushrooms, spinach $15.95

The omelette came with a side of bacon for $3 but I had to re ask for it as it didn’t appear. I was half way through my omelette when it finally arrived! The flavour of the omelette was delicious, but it was a bit overcooked and the egg has started to go rubbery in places.

Paradox Roaster Coffee

A Bit Posh – Toasted bagel with scrambled egg, smoked salmon chives and truffle oil $17.50

The team was a bit jealous when this beauty come out of the kitchen and Sophia said it tasted as good as it looked.

Paradox Roaster Coffee

It was s very comfortable table, the staff didn’t rush us to get out, so we sat, chatted and had more coffees. On our second order of coffees a few ginger spice biscuits were gifted to us to share… It is always nice to receive something for free and a wonderful sweet note to finish on!

Paradox Coffe Roasters is located at 7 / 10 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise and is open  7am – 3pm everyday. There Facebook Page is locate HERE so pop on and have a look at some of these fabulous photos. Also don’t forget to check out Tan’s Instagram page HERE

Paradox Roaster Coffee

Parking can be a pain in Surfers, but if you park in Bruce Bishop Car Park and dine at Paradox Coffee Roasters, you get 2 Hours Free Parking, which is fantastic and makes the trip into “TOWN” worthwhile.

You can guess that our ratings are going to be pretty high today, but here they are for your interest

Tan Sim Liz Sophia
Food 9 8 7 9
Drinks 8.5 8 8.5 8
Service 8 9 8 9
Atmosphere 9 8.5 8 9

I hope you are enjoying these reviews and don’t forget to let me know about your eating our disasters! 🙂

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xx


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