Finding The Best Coffee – Paddock – Miami

Well another lovely day in paradise and another lovely coffee shop.

Paddock is no exception and a wonderful addition to the beautiful coffee shops (well really it is a house and yard) that seem to be popping up all over the northern end of the Gold Coast. You can find it located at 20 Hibiscus Haven, Miami Gold Coast, Queensland!

You walk in (when you can find a park) to view a lovely well renovated house, surrounded by flowers, rosemary and an eclectic mix of garden furniture.


Inside you are greeted with tables, stools, bench seats, a stunning brick oven and a lovely array of baked goods that I found very difficult to say no to!


A view into the stone oven that all the bread is baked in. One of Tan’s Photos, looks good enough to go in a magazine!

The staff are very friendly and when I ask what the specialty coffee is… the hipster barista (I think they are going to be the new celebrity chefs of the 21st century) asks me how serious I am 🙂 I tell him I am a food blogger and will be writing a review and he instantly recommends the single origin for black expresso or a piccolo for the blend they use with milk coffee. I choose the latter… They don’t do cold drip filter coffee, but I think that I suitably impressed him with my coffee knowledge that he commented it was something they were looking into for the future!


It was a stunning Gold Coast day and most of the customers where sitting outside in the extensive court yard!

I fell in love with the gorgeous wooden tables, but I must say the bench seat was a tad uncomfortable, so we opted for tables and chairs (with backs on them) I think I can officially say that I am getting old! 🙂


Tan’s Coffee, made with love!

Paddock was very busy, but fortunately because it was a stunning Gold Coast day most of the clientele sat outside, so we had the inside to ourselves, except of course for the line up to order food! Of course the Top Ten Team were in action, with Tan’s coffee, that she would like me to tell you was not in fact half strength and was delicious!


S is for Sim’s Dark Milk and River Salt Hot Chocolate, and it wasn’t even skinny, she is living on the wild side now!

Sim went for the specially hot chocolate and went full fat! It even came out with an “S” for Sim on it, which I thought was very cute (I don’t think they knew that was her name) Sim did make special mention of how delicious her hot chocolate was and that the little hint of salt made it a very interesting flavour.


Piccolo for me with a gluten free chocolate caramel brownie…. PLEASE!!!

My Piccolo with the Chocolate Caramel Brownie was indescribable (the brownie that is) the coffee was very good, as I would expect from a professional hipster barista. I even made point of thanking him for my coffee at the end of our session.

Just an aside, I think that if someone has gone to an effort to be good at what they do, then a kind word or a thank you (if you enjoyed their labour) is only polite!


It was that good we had to take 2 photos.

Back to the Gluten free Brownie… SERIOUSLY… I was in the area just the other day, double parked, just so I could run in a grab another one. The same barista was there and asked why I wasn’t getting a coffee, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I had come in only for the brownie! 🙁


Bacon and scrambled eggs.

Breakfast was delicious and fresh as you can see and deserving of the kind of expensive price tag. Sorry I forgot to write it down! (Bad Liz) But really, it doesn’t matter if it is fresh and good and delicious, I don’t mind an extra dollar or two, when someone else made it an I’m having a good time!


Avocado on toast with mushrooms and bacon on the side.

As usually the conversation flowed freely, but more so, since we were joined by a friend of Tan’s that she met through an Instagram meet… Larisa is stunningly gorgeous (she ordered the green drink, probably why she is stunningly gorgeous) and entertained us with stories of overseas exhibitions of her photographs and exciting overseas travels compared with life back on the Gold Coast. It is always nice to meet a creative person that is pursuing their dreams! Check out her INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT HERE!


So to sum up Paddock…Plus = great coffee, lovely staff, fantastic food and a beautiful spot! Minus = long lines and longer delays when they are busy 🙂 but who cares when you are in a nice atmosphere, with great friends, we just kept chatting until it came!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz x

99% of the photos on this blog are taken by Tan… I always take a few, but mostly use hers. Please make sure you go and check out all the other wonderful photos that Tan takes around the Gold Coast and on her overseas travels @ INSTAGRAM TAN 1010

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  1. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Ooooo…. Looks freakin amazing, like holy mother of yarm kinda delicious. How good is that caramel chocolate thing? Want in my belly now, pretty sure I could hold it down during my Bikram yoga class in half hour. LOL! 🙂 Have a rippa weekend lovely lady. xox

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Oh Anna… it was delish 🙂 You have a great weekend… not long now until you up, up and AWAyyyyyyyyyyy! Liz x


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