Finding the Best Coffee – Commune – Burleigh

So it is that time again!!!!!!!! It is the School holidays here in Queensland, but the girls managed to palm off most of their children so we could get a Coffee/lunch date in!

Stop #6 for the Top Ten Team was Commune in Burleigh! You can check out their Facebook Page HERE.


This little cafe is located at 1844 Lower Gold Coast Highway in Burleigh and your GPS (like mine) may have a few conniptions, trying to figure it out (forewarned is forearmed). It is open for Breakfast and Lunch 7 days a weeks and stops serving breakfast at 2.30pm which is wonderful if you are a late riser!


Eclectic is the only word that really describes this cafe. Posters don the walls with a mix match of chairs, benches and lounge chairs so whatever your mood, there is a seat to fit it! We chose some of the lounge chairs out the front. You would think that Tuesday would be a slow day, but no, when we arrived at 11.30pm and even then, getting a place was not easy as it was already packed (the outside area that is, as you can see from the photo, is was a gorgeous Queensland day). They serve Campos coffee (YAY) and use Bon Soy as their soy of choice, so tick, tick from me!

commune coffee

Great choice of fresh food!

You have a good choice of organic, fresh produce as well as the usual breakfast suspects. The specials board is written on the wall and everything looks just thrown together in some sort of OCD nightmare, but it works somehow!

commune coffee

Cold Drip Filter Coffee with Milk and Sugar syrup

Ok the Coffee! Now for those who have been following, you know that Black Coffee Lyrics (click HERE) has been my favourite coffee so far, well… it still is! I tried Communes Cold Drip Filtered Coffee (I’m now a huge fan) but I’m sorry to say it didn’t match up. I had mine with milk and sugar syrup (sort of an iced coffee) but it was a bit watery and the coffee got lost in all the milk 🙁 I mean, if I hadn’t tried the coffee at Black Coffee Lyrics, I would have thought it was fantastic! BUT!!! Next time (yes there will be a next time) I will have a decaf soy cap, which is my favourite Campos coffee order.

Commune Coffee

Very Pretty Skinny Hot Chocolate for Sim

Tanya and Sim had their usual! Skinny hot chocolate and half strength muggachino. They both said that their drinks had lovely flavour but they weren’t hot enough…! So the verdict from me is while the coffee had good flavour, it only get a 6 out of ten for the iced coffee and tasty but could be hotter from both the girls.

Commune Coffee

Tan’s Muggachino

THE FOOD! Now the food is a completely different story. I am going back to have another coffee some time, but really I will be going back for the food! I now know why it was voted No 1 Best Breakfast on the Gold Coast!

I wanted something light so I had a combination of the “Kale, Feta, Couscous, Cherry Tomato, Crunchy Greens, and Almond Salad and Honey Mustard Chicken Salad with Red Cabbage” it came out in a cute bowl and was absolutely delicious!

Commune Coffee

Sim choice was “The Hippie” Halloumi, Avocado, Poached Egg plus Beetroot Relish on Megagrain Toast. I have to say I was a bit jealous, there was half a huge avocado on the plate! She enjoyed it, but there was a very large slab of Halloumi that got a bit salty towards the end of the meal.

Commune coffee

Thumbs up from Sim. The Halloumi was a bit salty.

Next we have Tan! Her choice was the “Herb Poached Salmon, Scrambled Eggs, with Avocado and Dukkah on Pumpkin and Pepita”.

commune coffee

It looked absolutely delicious and got two thumbs up from Tanya.

As usual we chatted half the day away and enjoyed each others company before parting our ways until next time!

If you are in the area… ask for your coffee extra hot 🙂 but stay for the amazing food! I can’t wait to go back.

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Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment if you feel that way inclined!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz x

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  1. InTolerant Chef

    THe boys at work used to call my beverage of choice a ‘Crapachino’. I still maintain a half-strength-decaf-soy-flatwhite is a perfectly valid coffee and enjoy it just as much as they did their triple espresso shots!

    • Liz Connolly

      LOL that is very funny 🙂 Thanks… I needed a laugh today! Liz x

  2. Sim Rex

    Lovely morning as usual Liz! Sim xxx

    • Liz Connolly

      Yes Sim… Thanks… now to planning the next one 🙂


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