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Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner! Black Coffee Lyrics!

Black Coffee Lyrics


I know that I haven’t been to all of the cafes yet, but I am telling you that this quaint, eclectic cafe is going to be hard to beat! It isn’t just a coffee shop. It has Tapas and International Beers, it’s a Pizzeria and also has a boutique wine list. They also have a degustation menu (which I would love to try) and in winter have a Hot Gin Tournament. I mean seriously, I’m trying to find something I DON’T like about this place!


So, The Top Ten Team are finally off to lunch at “Black Coffee Lyrics” we have tried to get there 3 times now! The first time it just didn’t work out, the second time it wasn’t open, so we changed venues to “Elk” and the third time we made it minus a team member!


We were all organised to make the trek into Surfers Paradise for lunch to visit the cafe (only Gold Coast residence will know what a pain that is, as only tourist go to Surfers) and I get a Facebook message in the morning from Tan saying that she had forgotten about an exercise class she had and wouldn’t be able to make it! Firstly, I have known Tanya for a very long time and apart from the occasional walk along the beach with the girls, I haven’t known her to exercise (how she keeps her gorgeous figure has always amazed me, so now I know she has always been secretly exercising). Secondly, why would you exercise when you could go out for lunch with The Top Ten Team??? Why??? Sim and I were totally flabbergasted and we both gave Tan a really hard time, but she stuck to her guns. However, she totally missed out, but that means we will just have to go back! Yay!


Back to the coffee! The Top Ten Team (minus Tan) went to “Black Coffee Lyrics” It opens at midday till late, Tuesday – Sunday and is open on Saturday and Sunday for breakfast as well. It can be found hidden away at Level 2, Centre Arcade, Shop 41, 3131 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, QLD

I walked in and the back ground music was Blues (TICK). Sim arrived before me and has already order a glass of white wine instead of her usual, as it is lunch. I sit down at a table with very old retro chairs that are surprisingly comfortable (TICK). It sort of has the feel of a New York hidy hole (not that I have been to New York yet, but it’s how I imagine it would feel) and the music, food and atmosphere reflect that (TICK).


I think Sim has already had a few sips before I arrived.

I ask the waitress what is the specialty coffee of the house and after a lengthy conversation about the beautiful blends of coffee, I chose the Cold Drip Filtered Coffee with Maple and Milk. So here is why it is a winner! I am a fan of Cold Drip filter coffee after discovering it at NO NAME LANE and this coffee is sort of like iced coffee which you all know is a favourite of mine, with the best being made at MY LOCAL. This coffee at Black Coffee Lyrics combines my two great loves, cold drip and iced coffee! It was a smooth and flavoursome coffee that went down way too fast and left you coming back for more every time. I just wanted to keep drinking it forever. Oh and another feature is that it comes in a wine glass! (DOUBLE TICK)

ice coffee

Yes, It comes in a wine glass!

After sampling my beautiful coffee that has the perfect ratio of coffee, milk and maple, I pop up to the bar and speak to the barista. I find that they have just recently changed their coffee blend and the Barista has forgotten all of the beans used in the new blend, so he rings the owner to find out for me (another TICK). Black Coffee Lyrics uses “Moonshine Roasters” in Byron Bay and has a blend of 3 100% arabica beans, Ethiopian, Brazilian, Kenyan. Honestly this doesn’t really matter to me, but I just wanted the information in case any of you out there are interested. All I really care about is the taste!

So after a few visits by the waitress (because Sim and I have been chatting) we finally order food. Sim has “The Brooklyn”, which is a 5 hour slow cooked pulled pork with grated cheddar cheese, smokey BBQ sauce and coleslaw on fresh sourdough.

pulled pork burger

The Brooklyn

I order “The Hibiki”, which is Tempura Whiting and Wasabi Gel with Seaweed Nori, Miso Mayo, Bonito Flakes, Relish and Spring Onions on a white roll.

fish burger

The Hibiki

All the burgers come with plain potato chips (smiths crisps), but we decide not to have them and indulge in a side of French Fries with manchego cheese and arachi aioli to share. The gourmet burgers are $14 each, but the quality is worth the price tag and Sim and I are so full, we don’t end up eating all our chips, which are delicious and aromatically flavoursome because of the cheese and aioli!


The Aioli was to die for!

I just have to mention that on the menu is Fried Mac and Cheese, yes FRIED! I’m a big fan of Mac and Cheese, a connoisseur if I may say. I have included a photo because I actually went back to try it. I travelled back to Black Coffee Lyrics in-between drafts of this blog, with my friend Linda (who is visiting from Sydney) and had the Fried Mac and Cheese… because I had to! My version of this iconic dish can be found if you click on the link HERE!

Fried Mac and Cheese

I have just got back from another lunch at Black Coffee Lyrics and it didn’t disappoint for my return visit, the coffee was even better than I remembered it (if that is even possible) and the Fried Mac and Cheese was good, but didn’t really smash it out of the park for me. It wasn’t dry, but it lacked a little something. Maybe I bit of cheese sauce over the top would have gone well with the hot sauce or some pockets of melted cheese inside the square that oozed out when you cut it would have made it perfect. I’m not going to have it again in a hurry, unlike the coffee, but I’m glad I tried it!

Fried Mac and Cheese

Some pockets of oozy cheese would have made it perfect!

So the verdict from my two visit to Black Coffee Lyrics is, this is the best coffee shop on the Gold Coast! The only downside is that you can’t get one till 12pm Tuesday to Friday and you can’t even indulge on a Monday because it is closed! Still I would travel into Surfers Paradise, just to sit down and have the Cold Drip Filtered Coffee with Maple and Milk! If you are visiting the Gold Coast definitely drop in for a Coffee, Burger and Chips as you will be glad you did!

If you are at all interested in our other coffee adventures just click on the links below and you can have a read. If you are ever on the Gold Coast, try and check out a few of these fabulous places, it will be worth your while!

By The Way,  I don’t get paid or I’m not sponsored to write these reviews, it’s all just for the love of good coffee and food!

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Thank you once again for reading!

Enjoy Irresponsibly! (Maybe not the fried Mac and Cheese.)

Liz x


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  1. Anna @

    What an absolute gem of a place. Big fan of the quaint and different, not to mention the Cold Drip filtered Coffee with Maple annnnnd Milk. YARM!
    Is maple in our coffee becoming a thing?

    • Liz Connolly

      I’m not too sure about the Maple Anne, as this is the only place I have come across it… but it is definitely the best coffee I have had! Thanks for stopping by! Liz x

  2. sherry from sherryspickings

    hi liz
    this looks like a fabulous place. yummo. mmm not so sure about the fried mac and cheese tho. 🙂

    • Liz Connolly

      Yes Sherry, it is fantastic! But the Mac and Cheese was a bit disappointing 🙁

  3. Sonya

    We’ll have to go there when I’m home next x


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