Finding the Best Coffee – Dark Espresso – Chirn Park

So it is time for another post about coffee! This is coffee shop/cafe’ #4


The Menu

Daark Espresso Coffee Shop is not on the Bulletin’s top 10 coffee shops list because it wasn’t there when they did the list, but if it was, it would be on it! It was also recommended to us at Elk Coffee Shop. You can find out about Elk at Finding the Best Coffee #3. Daark Espresso did however, come 4th in the Crave Top 10 Breakfast on the Gold Coast. It is located at Shop 2/41 Musgrave Avenue, Chirn Park (finally one a little closer to me) and is a cute little spot even though it’s a bit noisy if you sit outside. They have a FACEBOOK PAGE with over 1000 likes, so that says a lot in itself!

Skinny Hot Chocolate

Skinny Hot Chocolate

Well the usual crowd was in attendance,  Sim, Tan and Me! Tan and Sim had arrived before me because for some reason they thought that I would be doing something else and only informed me of their plans at the last minute! (As IF)

1/2 stregth cap

1/2 Strength Cappuccino

Needless to say that as I arrived so does their food and coffee, but a lovely young man approached me straight away and asked for my coffee order (even though the place is very busy). I told him that I am writing a blog, so he then spent some time going into great depth about the coffee options I had. He was very friendly and informative about the coffee (he passionately talked about coffee like I was about to taste a glass of wine), and returned to see if I liked my choice, which I did!

My Espresso

Daark Espresso prides itself on its freshly rostered single origin espresso coffee, so of course that is what I chose! Tan and Sim have their usual… you could say boring, but let’s go with dependable! I have already eaten so I just enjoy my coffee, but when their fruit and nut loaf with whipped treacle butter and raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla jam comes out (they both ordered the same thing), I wish I had more space! I did try the whipped treacle butter, OH MY, its worth just going to have that!


Anyway… back to the coffee! The espresso was small (as they usually are) but full of flavour and punch without striping the top layer off your tongue! I will be back to try their roasted blend, oh and have a decaf cappuccino as they serve both decaffeinated and my favourite soy milk (BonSOY). In fact as I am editing this blog I have been back to Daark Espresso twice more for a decaf soy, and it was perfect both times (it is very hard it froth soy milk correctly, especially BonSOY). So if you like fantastic coffee and when sitting outside get waved at and smiled at by the local tradies driving by, then get yourself along to Daark Espresso for some coffee and food!

The table

Done and Dusted

That is the end of another coffee adventure from The Top 10 Team. Our Next adventure will be lunch at “Black Coffee Lyrics” in Surfers Paradise… So stay tuned for the next instalment. If you are enjoying our escapades please drop a little comment for the blog as it encourages the girls to keep going! 🙂

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xox

P.S The reason why the photos are so good in this blog is because Tan took them all! Check her out on instagram at @Tan1010

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  1. Sonya Tebbutt

    Is this the one on the right side as you head towards SSHS? Or is it the one around the corner? I’ve been to a couple of places in Chirn Park 🙂

    • Liz Connolly

      It is the one around the corner Son 🙂

  2. Candy

    Look forward to visiting Daark on your recommendation Liz! Sounds perfect!

    • Liz Connolly

      Let me know I’d love to go back and try some breakfast 🙂


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