Coffee. A Journey Through Time and Space

How every you take it, everyone has their own opinion on coffee. I have embarked on a journey to try all the coffee shops on the Bulletin’s “Top 10” coffee places on the Gold Coast. I will be updating this blog with every new cafe I try.

Gold Coast Bulletin Article

But first I have to let you in on my own personal coffee journey, because we all have one.

I was a tea drinker!!! Yes you heard it TEA! Milk and 2 sugars please… While at University I moved in with a great girl called Linda and she was a black coffee drinker Nescafé Gold Blend (we didn’t know any better in 1988). So every time she made a coffee, I would have a tea and she would have to get out the milk and sugar. Then one day I mentioned that my tea had been tasting funny for a couple of weeks and she said that she had been cutting back my sugar and I hadn’t been having sugar for about 2 weeks now. For me then, tea tasted funny with just milk so it went to black and I loved it.

Linda then convinced me to drink coffee by starting with ¼ of a teaspoon of coffee in a cup of water and I just tried to get use to it… So that is the beginning of my coffee life.


Then I moved to SYDNEY… and really drank coffee for the first time. I had my first real long black, espresso and cappuccino, life was good! Then I went to Italy… OH MY LORD that was a coffee wonderland. Honestly I thought I had died and gone to coffee heaven! They really know how to do great fresh roasted coffee in Italy. Most of the shops roast their own every day and it is a glorious smell.


So after Italy and 14 years in Sydney I move back to the Gold Coast permanently. When I use to come back for holidays, I complained how bad the coffee was and mum would always say “there is nothing wrong with the coffee here, your just too fussy” I must say that when Mum came to visit me in Sydney for the first time and had her first Sydney Coffee at Forsyth’s, she changed her tune! After an expletive that I wasn’t expecting, she realised how great Sydney coffee was compared to the Gold Coast. To be really honest I have been drinking swiss water filter decaffeinated coffee now for a long time as I have had some issues with my adrenal gland in the past, but to do this blog I am going to just have to take a few for the team.


This brings me back to my coffee blog. My friends, Tan,  Sim and I are on a mission to try all the coffee shops on the list, and maybe a few more. So Numero Uno on the list is a cafe that I am already very familiar with!


14/05/2014 “No Name Lane” off Elizabeth Ave, Broadbeach. They don’t have a website, but they don’t need one, so pop onto Facebook and like their page No Name Lane


Great Little Place

Today I had, for the very first time, cold drip filter coffee… AMAZING…

IMG_2558 2

Cold Drip Coffee…YUM!

I loved it and now know what everyone is raving about. It came out in a jam jar (and lid) with a straw, very cool! They use Black Sheep Coffee, which is from a small South Brisbane roaster. They use different coffees and blends depending on how you choose to partake in your drug of choice and the coffee is always fresh, smooth and never enough. The staff are really friendly and always up for a chat even when they are really busy! Also a mention must go to the fact that they use BONSOY, which really is the only decent soya milk on the market! They have a small range of food items, but all are delicious, from what I have heard, as I can never go past the Bangalow ham and truffled egg sandwich, so sorry, but that is all I am ever going to order, I’m sure that the other things are nice but why mess with the best.


Bangalow Ham and Truffled Egg Sandwich… To0 Good!

Sim had some banana bread that she said was really nice and I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of Tan’s blueberry muffin because it just seemed to disappear.


Sim’s Banana Bread

The only criticism I have is that if you sit in, they don’t do mugs, so you would end up ordering 2 cups (maybe that’s their evil plan).

So go and check it out if you live on the coast or are visiting.  Don’t be put off by the hordes of people waiting for coffee they get through them very quickly, sometimes doing 1000 cups a day!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz x



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  1. sherry from sherryspickings

    i love good coffee and happily there is a roaster just down the road from us. and i like black sheep coffee too. always fun to buy a pack at the markets. have fun with your coffee adventure.

  2. Linda Wood

    I’m coming! Take me to some of these places will ya?!

    • Liz Connolly

      Yes Linda… I will, I should go to a few more before you arrive, so I will pick the best one! Can’t WAIT!!


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