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Our coffee journey around the wonderful north end of the Gold Coast is just ramping up…. Black Sheep Bistro is a sort of Take two… We went to this cafe in Oxenford a couple of months ago on a terrible blistery overcast day… so after (she who will not be named) misplacing some of the photos and me not have any notes we decide to come back as the first time was pretty good!

The Black Sheep Bistro is situated in Oxenford if you would like to check out their Facebook page to get all the particulars CLICK HERE. Or they now have there own website…Black Sheep Bistro why not check out what they have to offer? The menu changes seasonally and with the produce they can source, which makes the menu “dynamic.”


Banana French Toast

I have to be honest, it isn’t situated in the best spot, you can hear the gold coast motorway and there are lots of local traffic driving by, but inside it is really funky decked out with corrugated iron and wood with an open kitchen that allows you to see the goings on of the kitchen.

The staff are lovely and friendly and the service is very fast.

While we were sitting, they had a very high flow of takeaway traffic, so I am assuming that the locals come and get there coffee here when ever they can… This leads me to the coffee.


Black Sheep Coffee

Delicious hot and smooth just the right strength. You all know I love a good strong coffee… well this coffee wasn’t particularly strong, but the roast was delicious and had a richness and depth of flavour that I haven’t had for a while.


Black Sheep Coffee 2

Delicious….! because it was the right temperature not too strong

Hot Chocolate

Black Sheep Coffee 1

Nice hot Chocolate.. it was actually hot.

They have small menu, but everything is good! You can choose from a $11, $18 or $22 breakfast. which ranges from an egg on toast or the big continental. Then there is always the option of having your cake and eat it too with all the sides at only $4.

This menu is open for change, so don’t get too attached to anything as you may come back one week and realise that your favourite breakfast dish is no longer on the menu… I like this concept as well and loath it!!! Variety is the spice of life and it is good to try new things, but sometimes you really just want eggs benny. 🙂 Fortunately that wasn’t me today and I enjoyed the absolutely delicious Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta – garlic brushed ciabatta with avocado, feta and soft poached eggs with Smoked Salmon

Tan throughly enjoyed her Coconut and Rhubarb Pancake – soft pancake with coconut yoghurt and rhubarb compote and couldn’t finish it because it was too big. That says a lot really, cause I have never know Tanya to knock back a good pancake. LOL!

Sim ordered the Turkish Press – spinach, feta and pine nut on toasted Turkish with soft poached eggs which would have been my second choice if one of the girls had decided to order what my first choice was.

Just so you know… it is really important that when we do reviews that we order different things. This is so you (the reader) can have the most choice and variety when popping into a cafe that you have read on my blog.

Anyway here is our rating for this week

Tan Sim Liz
Food 8.5  8 8.5
Drinks 8.5  8.5 9
Service 8  8 8
Atmosphere 7  7 7

So pretty high rating from the top ten team. Please don’t forget to pop onto Tan’s Instagram and have a look at all the amazing photos she takes, you will be inspired.

Is the coffee and food more important than the atmosphere? Do you prefer to not hear traffic or see what id going on in the kitchen?

Thanks for reading, you know I always love hearing from you!









Liz xx

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