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Coffee and where to drink it in, Cadence Cafe Nerang – Gold Coast. 
So you know it is going to be a good day when you arrive at your point of destination and someone you don’t know comes up to you and says, “love, do you realise that your shirt is inside out” Well fortunately my day got heaps better after that because:- how has this cafe existed without me knowing about it???

Well, Well, Well! I know that I couldn’t be surprised but really…  Well to all the Nerangatangs (people who live in Nerang) out there, you have been hiding out on us. This funky cafe is infront of the bike shop and is the perfect stop, start or finish for a bike ride… it is place particularly well because there is a velladrom just up the road.

Coffee Cadence Cafe

They serve Toby’s estate coffee which is a brand I enjoy!


Cadence Cafe 9


Cadence Cafe 2

Hot Chocolate

Black Sheep Coffee 1

To service all the bike riders that I am assuming frequent this cafe on the weekends they also have smoothies and fresh juices starting at $6

Coffee Cadence Cafe

They have a breakfast and lunch menu which looks divine as well as an All Day Breaky Menu it was really hard to choose between my usual Eggs Benny, the giant veggie stack or the Turkish Breaky Pizza for 2.

Instead I had to be satisfied with the Special Truffle Mushroom and Sourdough Toast for $16 I added a free range egg for $3.

Cadence Cafe Coffee

OMG it is the best breakfast I have had on the gold coast.. I know it is a big call but apart from my favourite eggs benny, this really is the best breakfast I have had.. the mushrooms are sautéed in truffle oil and have a beautiful flavour. I apologise for the language that appears in the comment in the rest of the blog, but I am quoting the girls and there seemed to be a chorus of sharing about how great the food was.

Coffee Cadence Cafe

Doesn’t really look like a stack, more like a pile,  but it was delicious.

Sim chose the giant veggie stack with a poached egg. Bloody delicious were her exact words, with groaning sounds emerging with many bites.

Coffee Cadence Cafe

Acai Bowl… We all know that Tanya’s favourite Acai bowl is at Terrarium as she consistently raves about the toasted muesli in it, but she commented that this bowl contained a beautiful amount of fruit and a s*@t load of Acai.

Cadence Cafe 8

We had a drop in friend Nic who decided to just get toast, but she said it was delicious for only $5 they have real sourdough, not the fake stuff and it comes with your choice of spreads.

If you don’t mind the sound of the occasional cars and children playing in the childcare centre next door then you will love this funky spot.

So what did we rate today?

Tan Sim Liz
Food 8 9 9.5
Drinks 7.5 9 9
Service 8 8 8
Atmosphere 8.5 8.5 8.5

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