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OK, I’m going to start with an old person rant “when did it became socially acceptable to leave out vowels?”  I mean really BSKT… why not Biscuit… there isn’t even a K in Biscuit… but apparently BSKT is all you need to know that the cafe called BSKT is pronounced Biscuit! Rant over!

So I’m sick with bronchial Pneumonia, I’ve been locked up in my house for 5 days, antibiotics that I haven’t had to take for over 1o years are kicking in and I need to get out!!!!!!!!! Sim had been away and we organised this so we could see her and talk about her holiday as soon as she got back, so after Tan and Sim decided that I was not contagious they decide to keep the date 🙂


This is the beach 10 seconds away!

Well BSKT (Still weird writing it) is situated in a pretty cool spot, a stones throw from Nobby’s beach on the Gold Coast. It is open from 7 am to 4pm Sunday to Thursday and 7am to 10pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday to encompass a dinner menu.

I decided to order a piccolo and while perfectly smooth, the coffee was so strong I could hardly drink it! It sort of took my breath away! Now I’m not one to shy away from a strong coffee and true my palette could have been a little off because I was sick but wow! Strong!


Simone decide that she was only going to have a little something to go with her skinny hot chocolate and chose the almond and orange cake, which she said was beautifully moist and delicious with a little bit of tang from the yogurt that was decoratively smeared on the plate. The skinny hot chocolate was luke warm.


Tanya decided a little decadence was due for the day and had the super berry cacao pancakes. and her usually muggachino. She commented that her coffee too, was not as hot as it should have been and the pancakes where a bit dry, if they weren’t served with the delicious coconut sorbet all may have been lost!


ummm a bite or two may have been harmed before the taking of these photos!

I must say that my breakfast was beautiful! I chose the big breakfast without ham and Angus sirloin instead opting for avocado and kalanase (hollandaise made with kale). I would normally be the meat eater, but I just felt like lots of veggies and a poached egg! It was delicious… everything was cooked with the right balance of herbs, spices, salt and pepper!


The BSKT statement: BSKT is fueling the Food Revolution by using the highest quality organic and gluten free foods. Our commitment is to you, our fellow food conscious citizens, who rightfully demand foods of superior nutritional integrity. Uphold your right to consume unadulterated, nutrient-rich foods. BSKT cafe, delivering delicious justice.

I must say that what they lack in the coffee department they make up in the food department. If you are vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, gluten free, they have something for you! So if that sort of food interests you and you are a nutrient rich food consumer or you would like to try, why don’t you head down to BSKT and give it a try, you never know you may just get a little bit healthier by eating there!


Oh and don’t forget the view just down the road!

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to say hi!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz x



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  1. anna@shenANNAgans

    Gosh Charlie you really are in the wars with being sick & all, get better soon. Not sure if I can forgive a cafe for *ordinary* coffee no matter how yummy the food is – but then with a name like BSKT 🙂

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Thanks Anna, I am on the mend! but still need rest! Thanks for stopping by! Liz x

  2. Sonya

    I would’ve gone for BaSKeT, not Biscuit, so leaving the vowels out was lost on me! Naughty! I would boycott for spelling errors! 🙂

    Gees that beach looks yummy though. Can you fit that on a plate? mmmmmmmmmm… I’d gobble it up. Australia continues to have the best beaches in the world, by far!

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Well you would know Sonny, you have been to most of them 🙂 but use the beaches in Queensland certainly are worth it! Liz x

  3. Hotly Spiced

    It is a difficult word to type. Speaking of grumpy old women, when I was on holidays on the GC I gave up going out for dinner because EVERYTHING I ordered arrived on a plate dusted with paprika. It was extraordinary. Shame about the lukewarm drinks and the kick in the coffee but the poached eggs with avocado looks very good xx

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Oh Charlie… LOL! Not sure about the paprika that must have just been a phase that they were going through… I haven’t seen any paprika yet! So next time you come up we will have to try the one! Liz x


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