Finding the Best Coffee- Barefoot Barista – Palm Beach

Barefoot Barista

This is a two part review… part one was with the Web Princess (WP) from Melbourne… Yes she is my friend and yes I know she is famous 🙂 and part two was with the Top Ten Team… So you know it was good because I went twice in a time span of only two weeks!

Barefoot Barista

The back section, which was full of light and beautiful plants, but unfortunately were not there for the top ten visit!

WP was on the Gold Coast for a Pro Blogger conference and so it was so nice to be able to catch up and talk and talk and talk about what is going on in our lives. You know when you have those people in your life that you really like and you keep in contact by Facebook and the occasionally email and then when you get to catch up in person it is fantastic and just like a day hasn’t gone by since you last had a conversation. Well, WP and I are like that… I think we talked for over 3 hours!!!

Barefoot Barista

Expresso comes with a shot glass of sparkling water (nice touch)

You will find this coffee gem at shop 10 Palm Beach Ave, Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland. They are open for breakfast, lunch and a little bit of in-between 7 days a week! There website is so check them out.

The coffee part one was a espresso because I wanted to try the single origin blend and part two was a piccolo so I could try the blended coffee made for milk.

Barefoot Barista

Piccolo with a mouthful taken out of it… looks bigger when you take a picture up close!

Both coffees were smooth, delicious and satisfying.

Barefoot Barista

Perfect Latte

WP enjoyed her latte as did Tan and Simone (as usual) had a skinny hot chocolate which she said was very nice!

Now the food is good! It tasted better than the pics… ummm that is mostly to do with the fact that the top ten team started eating before photos were taken… 🙁 but we where hungry and sometimes life isn’t always about the blog! 🙂

Barefoot Barista

WP’s Choice – Campfire Sausage – Coopers Ale & carmelised onion sausage, poached eggs, Boston beans, baked mushroom & roasted tomatoes with toasted organic sourdough.

WP and I had plenty to talk about, because we hadn’t seen each other (in person) for about 3 years, but a few people (ummm men) have asked me what we talk about every week!

Barefoot Barista

My Choice – Part One


Barefoot Barista

Breakfast board – Double smoked ham or baked mushroom, avocado, fresh tomatoes, Meredith goat cheese, two poached eggs, wife made chutney & toasted organic sourdough

Well… honestly I’m not really sure. We always find something to talk about…! For me it is usually the latest thing I am cooking,  the Thermomix business or something to do with health and sustainable living…(but I do talk about other things).

Barefoot Barista

Sim’s Choice – Cold shower roll – Crispy bacon, fried egg, roasted flat mushroom, fresh avocado, tomato & spinach with aioli & wife chutney

Our latest meeting was a variety of conversation selections. We talked about the latest happenings of Tan and Sim’s gorgeous kids. We talked about what needs to be fixed around the various houses.

Barefoot Barista

My Choice – Part two – Boston Beans – Poached eggs, our slow brewed rich pork based Boston beans, fresh herbs & feta with toasted organic sourdough

We talked about and organised a BBQ at Sim’s, booked in a date for Tan’s Birthday gathering, and organised a Pop up restaurant in January on Tan’s property. I am going to be cooking. So I am looking forward to that… it could be fun!

Barefoot Barista

Tan’s Choice – Hotcakes – Ricotta hotcakes with fresh fruit, toasted seeds & nuts, maple & mascarpone

So there you have it… wonderful food, fantastic coffee, great company…twice! I have to say it just lacked a little atmosphere… but it is a bit hard to compare since the amazing find of VIVRE A VIE ORGANIC BAKERY AND CAFE from the last review.

WP and I sat so long talking that we ended up getting second coffees and a little something to share.

Barefoot Barista

A lemon curd and coconut cake… It was the perfect end to a wonderful catch up with a special friend.

Just make sure you appreciate your friends, because they are the family you choose!

I grabbed a photo of this because they write funny things on their board at the front of the cafe. This signage greeted us as we entered… (it was a perfect Queensland sun shining, birds chirping kind of day)

Barfoot Barista


So if you are in the area, pop by and say hi to the hip, barefoot barrister staff and grab one of the best coffees on the Coast.


Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz x



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  1. anna@shenANNAgans

    Sounds pretty good to me. Any place you can chat on for hours & serves good stuff is a win for me.

  2. Dee

    Thanks Liz! Was a lovely way to pass a holiday morning, hope it won’t be quite so long between catchups next time! (as in.. see you in Melbourne, ‘k?)

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Yes it was… I hope to be down in Melbourne soon… sand I am putting myself in the ballot for the fat duck… so hopefully I will be down for that in Feb at the very latest! Liz x


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