Apple and Custard Scrolls (Thermomix Method Included)

Apple and Custard ScrollsI don’t know how many times I have walked past Baker’s Delight and thought I would really like one of those custard scrolls, you know the ones with the nice white icing on the top! Maybe about once a year, I have indulged and got one. I always ask for a middle one, as the ones cooked on the edge are often a bit harder and I love the soft gooeyness of the ones cooked in the centre.

So when I started making dough, My first thought was mmmm custard scrolls. I developed this recipe as I was teaching a class on “making dough in the Thermomix” and I wanted these in particular. This recipe makes 12 scrolls which, when cooked, freeze really well, you can even leave the icing on them frozen… just don’t heat them, take them out of the freeze and let them defrost (in a sealed container so they don’t get dry) to room temperature. I always find that if they are frozen the day they are made, they always defrost much fresher.

For me this is another bake and take recipe. Make 12, take 10 somewhere else! Trust me it will be better for your hips in the long run!!! 🙂  12 scrolls cost under $10 to make, which is pretty good when they cost over $3 each at the bakery…

Apple and Custard Scrolls

If you don’t have a Thermomix don’t stress, you can still make this yummy treat, just a bit more elbow grease! Combine warm wet ingredients with yeast and sugar and sit for 15 minutes to active the yeast. Add all the other ingredients to your bowl and mix we’ll, then turn out on a greased bench and knead for about 25 minutes until the dough is soft and silky. Or alternatively you could use a dough hook attachment on a mix master. Then follow the rest of the steps. (the second prove may take a bit longer)

I have also got to say that this isn’t a hard recipe if you know what you are doing, but if it is your first go…. read through the whole recipe first, get a sense of what you need to do and don’t stress, dough is very forgiving! The more you squish them in, the higher they will rise. If it looks like a bit of a dog’s breakfast, just let it prove well and when cooked it transform in to scrolls… you will be amazed!

Ingredients – Dough

175ml (g) Filtered Water

100ml (g) Full Cream Milk

40g Fresh Yeast or 2 Tablespoons Dried (I always use fresh when I can get it)

550g Bakers Flour

1 Teaspoons Salt

2 Teaspoons Bread Improver

65g Sugar

60g Soft Butter

Ingredients – Custard and Apple

500g Peel, Cored Apples (roughly chopped)

60g Sugar

300ml (g) Milk

30g Butter

30g Corn flour

1 Egg

2 Teaspoons Vanilla Essence

Ingredients – Icing

500g Icing Sugar

250g Copha (Vegetable Shortening) Chopped into smallish squares

30ml (g) Water

2 Teaspoon Vanilla Paste or Extract

Desicated Coconut

This makes more icing than you need for 12 scrolls, but just put the left overs in the fridge and use for other things… You will have to bring it out of the fridge and re whip it as it will set solid 🙂


I have made this recipe in both the TM31 and Tm5 exactly the same!

Method – Dough

1. Place yeast, milk, water and a teaspoon of sugar into the mixing bowl and warm, 3 minutes/37/speed 1.

2. Add all other ingredients as listed, combine 30 seconds/speed 3.

3. Knead ingredients 6 minutes/kneading function.

Apple and Custard Scrolls

4. Tip out dough onto an oiled bench and hand kneed into a ball and then let the dough rest in an oiled bowl or ThermoServer for 20 minutes.

5. Place dough on an oiled bench and knock it down then roll out into a large squareish shape, getting it as thin as you can without putting holes in the dough.

Apple and Custard Scrolls

6. Spread with custard first, then apples then roll up into a large roll. (gently start at the end closet to you and try and roll as tight as you can… you will get better the more you practice.

Apple and Custard Scrolls

7. Slice the dough using the back of your spatula or plastic cutter (I find a plastic dough cutter much easier), into about 12 pieces.

Apple and Custard Scrolls

They are a bit sloppy and don’t worry if they don’t look amazing, they will rise again and when cooked, you put icing on them!

8. Turn rolls upright (this is probably the most difficult bit of the whole process, it gets a bit messy, but don’t worry it will all work out on the second prove) and space evenly apart on a large oven tray. (if you squish them together it really doesn’t matter, they will just rise up instead of out) My tray is quite large, but still fits in my oven.

9. Prove dough for another 2 hours, or until it has doubled in size. No need to cover, just make sure they are not in a draft.

Apple and Custard Scrolls

See how the dough has risen around the apple and custard.

10. Preheat your oven to 180ÂşC and cook for 20 – 25 minutes or until golden brown. The ones on the outside, will be browner than the ones in the middle. (Hence why I like to soft squishy one in the middle)

11. Allow to cool on the tray and then place on a cooling rack. When completely cold, gentle pull each bun apart, top with desired amount of icing and dip in desiccated coconut.

Method – Custard and Apple

1. Place peeled, cored and roughly chopped apples into the mixing bowl and cook 15 minutes/100Âş/speed 2.

2. When cooked, blend 5 seconds/speed 6, scrape out the mixing bowl and set apple aside to cool.

3. Don’t bother washing out the bowl, just place all other custard ingredients to mixing bowl and cook for 6 minutes/90/speed 4.

4. Set aside custard in a bowl to cool, but not be completely cold.

Method – Icing

1. Place all ingredients into mixing bowl (except coconut) and mix 30 seconds/speed 6, then scrape down the sides and bottom of the mixing bowl.

2. Whip ingredients 1 minute/speed 4, then scrape down the sides and the bottom of the bowl.

3. You may need to whip again 30 seconds/speed 4 depending on how soft your copha was, so just do it in 30 seconds intervals, scraping down between each one. Use icing as needed. (If it curdles or goes a bit funny, just cool it in the fridge and whip it again, it will come good)

Apple and Custard Scrolls

This is a wonderful icing you can use for so many different types of doughs and cakes.

I love making dough and really couldn’t imagine buying it any more, when it isn’t that hard and is so much cheaper.

What is your favourite pastry/dough? What is the one thing that you can’t walk past in the bakery? Why don’t you let me know, maybe I can put up a recipe so that you can have a go at making it!

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xx


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  1. Joanna

    Hi, can I please join your email list for all of your blogs & reviews?
    Thanks Jo

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Hi Joanna… we are working on a subscription at the moment!

  2. Hotly Spiced

    I love these! I do love to buy them from the bakery – they’re a weakness although I’d have to say the ones from Baker’s Delight are very, very ordinary as are their finger buns. Your custard scrolls look amazing! I’d love to try this. Happy Easter, Liz xx

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      These are really good and because you get to put generous amounts of filling, they are nice and soft 🙂 xx

  3. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Haha haaaa … Solid advice Liz, make 12, take 10 somewhere else. I wish I’d had this in my head at the start of the weekend, holy wow I’ve eaten so much sugar and not great for me foods.
    Love this recipe, will have a go at making them, bet they taste heaps better than a Bakers Delight treat. 🙂
    Happy Easter lovely, hope you are enjoying some down time. Xx

    • Elizabeth Connolly

      Yes… Much more flavour than BD… My down time is cooking and belong without Thermomix demos, so yes a bit less busy 🙂

  4. Chris Cooper

    Oh my they look absolutely fabulous. My favourite pastry/cakes are cinnamon scrolls, not from BD but from pastry shops or sometimes at really great breakfasts at hotels. They just melt in your mouth with buttery puff pastry. But not for me this weekend, I haven’t stopped eating chocolate Red Tulip easter bunnies, my favourite. Enjoy your weekend. X Chris xx


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