Finding The Best Coffee – 2 Little Bakers – Mudgeerabah

2 little bakersNext on our list is a quaint little shop tucked away in Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba. They are open from 7am till 4pm every day and have  a wonderful selections of cakes, biscuits and slices for you to partake in, with a beverage of choice, as well as sumptuous breakfast and lunch options to choose from.

2 Little bakers coffee

It was very hard to choose as everything look so yummy and fresh!

They have a little outdoor garden area… but Tan said the photos that she took were “poo” so sorry you will just have to go there yourself to see that part…(creative types can be so temperamental… hehe me included)

It was a bit difficult to find on the GPS as the address is Corner of Swan Lane and Railway St, but Railway St in Mudgeeraba is split in half with one ways and no right turns etc, so just put in Swan Lane and it will get you there!

Now to the coffee, Tan ordered her usual 1/2 strength muggachino then was not happy to find out she actually got the medium mug and there was the next size up!! The girl does love a lot of milk in her coffee. She said it was good, but would have liked the bigger cup!

2 Little bakers coffee

Tanya’s Muggachino $4.60… which turned out to be the medium… so next time the REALLY BIG mug!

I hadn’t had breakfast that morning, so I decided on the Breakfast Special, which was bacon and eggs on sourdough toast with rocket and a tomato compote. This special included a regular coffee, so I chose the piccolo which was nice and smooth, but not the best flavoured coffee I have enjoyed.

2 Little bakers coffee

My Piccolo was included in the Breakfast Special… pretty good value!

2 Little bakers coffee

Breakfast Special $12.50

Sim had the hot chocolate which she pronounced was a Goldilocks hot chocolate, not to hot, not to cold, but just right. It was very well presented and I liked the little touch of the napkin wrapped around the glass.

2 Little bakers coffee

Sim’s Hot Chocolate for $3.90, looked and tasted delicious.

They have a wonderful selection of slices and cakes that are generous portion and extremely cheap! It was nice to see a good variety of old fashioned slices in the display, as most coffee shops buy in from commercial bakeries and you get the same thing over and over again. You could also see that everything was fresh and hand made with love. There was so much to choose from that the girls, after much tooing and frowing, chose the passionfruit coconut and the chewy choc peanut slice.

2 Little bakers coffee

Tan’s Choice – Passionfruit and Coconut Slice, $4

They even tried each others and proclaimed that they had made the best choice… so I’m not sure. I wasn’t going to get into the argument over slices, because personally I think I make the best slices… sooooo? Before Tan got a chance to take a photo of Sim’s slice, she stuck a fork in it and said “that’s arty, take a photo of that.”  All I can say is that I am grateful that Tan is taking the photos! 🙂

2 Little bakers coffee

Chewy Chocolate Peanut Slice, $4 and Sim’s attempt at and arty presentation for the photo…?

 2 Little Bakers Website is up and running but a little bit sparse and under construction. At the shop you can purchase, made to order cakes and they have a lots of pictures in their shop (on their brag wall) of the most beautiful cakes. I am sure when their website is fully finished, it will include a fantastic gallery of photos and prices. The pictures they have already put up make you want to eat cake even when you are not a cake person.

2 Little bakers coffee

One of the quotes on their brag wall

The staff were very friendly and we never felt rushed to leave, so we sat in the quite comfortable chairs chatting away. Even when it started to fill up with the lunch crowd, no body hassled us to leave or asked us if we wanted anything else, which I thought was nice. The day was getting away from us, so we reluctantly left, with plans to meet in two weeks time (Sim is moving house next week) at out next coffee destination.

They have a wonderful selection of slices and cakes that are generous portion and extremely cheap! It was nice to see some of the old fashioned slices in the display as most coffee shops buy in from stores like this or commercial bakeries and you get the same thing over and over again, so it was nice that everything was fresh and hand made with love.

Just one of the few photos from their website


Tan Sim Liz
Food 8.5 9 8
Drinks 8 8 7
Service 8 8 8
Atmosphere 7.5 7 7

How do you feel about being rushed out the door after eating? What is your favourite slice or cake? What sort of coffee person are you? Real coffee like me, Milk coffee like Tan or No coffee, like Sim?

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you.


Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xx


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